Question regarding boarding the Faluccas, I've seen videos and it looks like you board it by walking up a a narrow
and unsupported board with no hand rail, any word on this? Thanka!


  • I believe only two or three departures (of Treasures of the Nile and Jordan & Egypt) made it before, tours were cancelled due to COVID and I haven't seen any people who traveled on those around the forum in quite awhile.

    Anyway, Tauck would never take a chance like that! As an example, there were staff helping people out of the panga and across the rocks during some landings on Peru & Galapagos- not visible in this photo. they even put towels on the rocks to prevent slipping. If you have balance issues make sure you tell your TD.

  • Alan - A slight difference being, the picture you posted above and the one I've posted below are what was called 'Wet Boarding/Landings'. Anytime a beach was involved vs boarding to/from the ship or to/from a dock I believe they called it 'Wet' vs 'Dry'. I doubt there are any planned wet boardings or landings for the Faluccas.

    Your comment about Tauck never taking as chance like that is true.

  • We took the Egypt - Jordan trip about 8 years ago. We boarded the feluccas(?) on the Nile in Luxor. There was a narrow walkway to board. Someone was there to hold your hand.

  • Good morning and thank you all. No actual balance issues per se , but just concern about my mother's ability to get on/off.
    I have no doubt Tauck will accomodate and take care of everything, just curious about previous experiences...
    AlanS you're right! no one but 1 lady has said anything about their trip .... maybe newbies... ;)

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