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I was going to post this on the Survey thread, but there was too much pessimism so decided to start a new thread. The attached article in MSWord is titled "Need some good news about covid-19? Here are six reasons for optimism." It is an opinion piece, but is based on factual work and achievements. Maybe it will brighten your day.


  • After two glorious days in Yosemite (two more to go) I have determined that covid-19 might kill us, but living in the basement ‘will’ kill us. Our trip to Yosemite has restored our souls. We wear masks, we distance, but we are going to continue to live until it kills us. We are among people who intend to ‘live life’. You cannot avoid life. You live it or you die.

  • Alan and Sealord, Thank you both for a positive start to the day!

  • Cathy, I had yet another email from Ponant yesterday offering me $3000 discount off one of their Antarctica tours, it really looks as if Ponant will indeed do it’s Antarctic tours this winter. Do you know whether your tour is an exclusively a Tauck one, or whether it is a shared tour with French passengers? If the latter, I think the tour will go ahead. I feel Tauck will cancel but Ponant may not. Would you consider traveling with Ponant instead?

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    I guess you really want to go?? Your new avatar has not gone unnoticed. :)

  • Here’s more great news. I got a text from a friend I met at our Silver Sneakers class. It just opened up again these past two weeks. She wondered why we were not there. I said, because masks don’t have to be worn, when that changes we will be back. Now the good part, she is a Healer and tells me she has cured 500 people in a Boston hospital who had Covid, all from here in PA. I don’t know why I always attract ‘out there’ people, but I do. Think it’s because as well as being a good talker, I’m a good listener, I also used to have endless patience for anyone, not so much as time goes on.

  • I'm trying hard to be optimistic too. The news today that there are 2 good vaccine trials - Moderna and Astrazeneca is good but I certainly don't see wide spread availability sooner than next summer. And yes, it looks like this one will be more like the seasonal flu - you'll need repeats not a one and done. Also treatments are getting better and better. If we could just get everyone to do their bit with masks, social distancing and hand washing - we might get things under control enough to return to some level of normal.

    Re gyms and exercising - no way would I try wearing a mask. At least not til cooler weather. Was miserable yesterday running errands in the heat with a mask on. At one point I just had to stop and breath slowly for awhile. Grateful I have a home gym and live in a slightly rural area with some space to walk. All our neighbors are good about keeping a distance even if we stop to chat.

  • Looking at the infection rates in the sunbelt states (including here in Nevada), it's hard to be optimistic. I heard one health pundit opining that those rates would spread to the northern states once colder weather drove people indoors. Short of a vaccine (which does look promising) the only positive I see is that more national chains (Walmart and Best Buy today) are requiring masks in all their stores.

  • Our travel experiment is going well. Here at the Evergreen Lodge everyone is wearing masks except when eating or swimming in the pool. In the pool people are staying in ‘family’ units and distancing from others. We consider the mask protocols only mildly annoying, and there are sanitation stations everywhere. People in Yosemite are less tuned in, but they have cut the visitor numbers in half, so it is easy to stay away from people. There is certainly some risk, but travel is definitely back on our table.

  • Sealord: I was at Yosemite around 1950-51 in the cabin area when they had the Fire Falls and again in 1999 at The Ahwahnee for Thanksgiving.

    From 1999 to 2010 I was the camp administrator for the Boy Scout Camp at Wolverton near the General Sherman Tree and in 2004 we stayed at the hotel in the Sequoia National Park for the 1939-41, 1964 and 2004 Camp Wolverton staff reunion.

    Camp Whitsett in the Sequoia National Forest was also one of the Boy Scout Camps I supervised in 1999 to 2010.

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