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We have just finished watching the four episodes of Coastal Railways with Julie Walters. It’s excellent and of course humorous, I just love her humor, and covers Julie traveling around the coast of Britain on trains and meeting interesting and eccentric people along the way. It was filmed in 2016/2017 and makes me want to travel around Britain and visit some of these places, it’s been really nostalgic for us. The last episode, Wales, shows Llandudno where we honeymooned and a new attraction, the fastest zip line in world, I think we’ve already been on the highest one. I assume this show can be viewed if you have a PBS Passport membership. Ah, to travel again!


  • Also on Acorn streaming. It's a boring, rainy (yeah!) day here so maybe I'll cue it up.

  • The humor won't be everyone's cup of tea, but the Ricky Gervais and Skynet produced travel documentary/comedy series called "An Idiot Abroad" is also very entertaining. The hapless traveler (a Brit named Karl Pilkington) goes to many iconic world sites, but his modes of travel, accommodations, and trouble-free itineraries are definitely not up to Tauck standards (ha!). There are 3 seasons of it. If you watch it is best to start at the beginning. It is usually available on Amazon Prime--sometimes for free.

  • Watched the first 2 episodes of Coastal Railways. Ready to plan a trip.

    Also - somewhat travel related - we watched Jim Gaffigans Pale Tourist episode 1 Canada on Amazon It was so funny we plan to watch the second filmed in Spain. I think he planned more but covid interrupted it. The premise is he wanted to see if he could arrive in a country with no material, experience the food and culture, then do a full comedy show.

    Will look for idiot abroad. We need all the laughs we can get right now.

  • We watched episode three of third series of Better Feed Phil tonight and I fully decided the very first trip we will take If ever the Pandemic subsides and Americans are allowed back in, is another week in London. The show featured the Borough market where we visited the last time we were there. We met my husband’s cousin and her husband and had lunch there. They are not foodies so all I could get them to do was to look around the spice stall near to where we were eating. I managed to grab some ready mixed curry packs, that’s all. There was no time to return before the end of our trip, too much else to see. Never ending things to see in London.

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    Portotbello Rd (Notting Hill area of Chelsea) is great on a Saturday (maybe other days)- huge multiple-block sidewalk sale (antiques, nick knacks, performers, and just about anything you can think of), with restaurants all along the way and the big Notting Hill Farmer's market at one end. We took the tube there (block and a half) during a post stay E,S,W. It can get quite busy as my photo illustrates.

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