Question regarding moving a thread.

I started a thread titled Where Will Your Tauck Travels Take You in the "General" section thinking it would automatically show in the "Home" page. Does anyone know what I need to do to move it over? Thanks in advance for any help.


  • I guess Alan S would know, but you could just copy and paste it and put it in another thread and then Copy and paste what Cathy said underneath yours.

  • I assume your post was recent. It doesn't show in General either. Either it didn't actually get posted or it was deleted. All new posts or new replies show up on the home page.

  • Ken from Vegas - It does show in "General". I just checked it. Odd, however, that someone posted a comment in reply but then deleted it.

  • Yea, I saw it in General. But not on the Home page, Strange!

  • British - It is my fault that it does not show on the Home page because I did not start the thread on the Home page. I started it in the General section thinking that it would automatically roll over to the Home page. My ignorance/error. I'll wait a few days to see if there is any interest. If not, I'll just delete the thread. I was just hoping it would generate an interest in trips that we choose. Thanks for your help.

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    All new posts, regardless of sub-forum where they were initiated, also show up on the forum "Home" "Tauck Community" page. This page used to be called the "Active Discussions" page. It will stay on that page as long as replies are added to it. If there is a lot of activity it may stay near the top of the list just below the Tauck IT "stickies." If replies stop, new threads will eventually bump it off the active discussions page. It will still be available in the specific area/topic forum.

    If that is not what is happening, it may be because Tauck is doing (Sunday night?) system maintenance or there is a temporary glitch. I saw your post in General Discussion, and can't explain why it did not appear on the Forum Home. I just posted a "test" reply to your thread and it still doesn't appear on the Forum home, however I posted a new "test" in the General forum from the forum Home and it showed up on the forum home. I'll check with Tauck IT tomorrow. There may be a reason for this, but I have no idea what it would be. Since few will see it where it is, you should probably start your thread over (copy and paste) from the Home page.

    As to moving a thread, you can only start a new thread, then copy and paste your text into your new post. Otherwise you'll need to request Tauck IT move it. Same for deleting a thread.

  • It is my fault that it does not show on the Home page because I did not start the thread on the Home page.

    Just to be clear, you can't post directly to the Home page. You have to pick a category and "Home" isn't an option. As others have said, all posts show up on the home page as well, so there must be a bug. Normally, anything posted on a branch of the tree rolls up to all the categories above it, all the way to root category of Home. The reason I didn't see your post in "General" is that it is in "General Discussion", a sub category of "General." Normally, a post in a subcategory shows up in the category (i.e. things posted in General Discussion show up in General). Just like it failed to roll up to the home page, it failed to roll up to catagory. Clearly a bug.

  • Thanks to all of you for your input, especially to Alan S. Moving forward, I will make sure to start a thread from the Home page by clicking on a sub category. Later today I will fiddle around with a new thread.

    Alan - I appreciate your desire to contact Tauck, but I think they have far more important issues to take care of. I'll let you decide, however.

    I was so proud of my first thread! Too bad it was a dismal failure.

  • I have a few contacts there so sent an email. Tauck Emily says she will have the team look at it.

    Ken, thanks for the clarification. While it saves a step, I think it might be better if they didn't have "New Discussion" buttons on the "Home" page. Also, I wish they would use the old nomenclature- "Active Discussions" or Recent Activity, etc.

  • AlanS - Should I keep the thread where it is in the event Tauck can move it over or should I start fresh?

  • It's on the Home page! Thank you AlanS and Tauck.

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