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I wonder if anyone else has seen this. We were scheduled to do Tauck's Arctic Cruise starting 7/3, but as with everything else, it was cancelled. The Tauck App, however, says "Thanks for traveling!" and has the cruise guest list showing. My guess is this happens automatically and no one from Tauck caught it.


  • One of the IT people posted a few months ago that app development and upkeep is on hold while everything is being cancelled.

  • Our Classic Italy Small Groups scheduled for late April (of course cancelled) has the thanks for traveling and the full guest list. It's still available on the phone.

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    Yes, our Switzerland tour that we are supposed too be on right now has the guest list loaded. Of course based on past experience no idea how correct it is/was. The detailed daily itinerary didn't load. I imagine if I attempted to update or reload the app i'd probably lose it all. Will just leave alone so I have the basic itinerary available til next spring when it's closer to our hoped for actual tour for next year.

  • Wow, that’s a big breach of privacy. The names are never available until the tour begins. It’s sometimes easy to look someone up just from name and town. When we went on out OAT tour, names were available probably a week before the tour commenced. One person on their forum said she actually met someone on her tour who said they looked her up and drove past her house to check it out before the tour.

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    Not as big a breach as the group exit visa in Jordan. Had everyone's name, passport number, and date of birth, and included the entire group.
    You could hear whispers in the bus, "wow, she looks good for her age..." etc. :)

  • Wow! I'd love to know who was going from Nashua, NH. That's where I live. I don't know of any Tauck travelers from here. Please PM me. (I definitely agree with BKMD's comment about the Jordan exit visa. My group dribbled out from Jordan because of Covid, but I still had the information for everyone who entered with me...not that I remember any of it!)

  • Some tour companies we've traveled with send us the list of fellow travelers (name and town/state) before the tour starts.

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