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    Bad news for Vancouver but maybe good news for Seattle. Much to the annoyance of many Canadians, the inside passage is part of the United States. I know U.S. cruise lines are ‘planning’ on doing Alaska this year. We will see.

    Yes, I forgot about the PVSA law. That was meant to protect the U.S. passenger shipping industry, which of course barely exists. We have U.S. cruise lines, but as mentioned below, the ships are registered elsewhere.

  • cathyandsteve - we've done a couple alaska cruises that START in Alaska and never go south at all

  • It also applies to the Canadian Maritime cruises this year.

  • Cathy, that’s really interesting, thank you. Alaska was going to be on our itinerary for this year, but Tauck was really slow about showing dates eighteen months ago, we called several times and they couldn’t give us an answer for when they would be publishing dates, the agent even wondered if they would be going to Alaska, so we booked the Scandinavia tour instead for this July. We’d been putting Alaska off all this time thinking it was an easier tour we could fit in any time as it was the US, but because we had started to travel more since retirement, we finally decided the time was right. Maybe, the only slight positive is that when or if travel opens up there in the future, the ships will have a much smaller capacity becaise of social distancing, because our worst traveling nightmare is being on a ship with hundreds of people, and trying to restrain myself of all those ship buffets!

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    Cathy, I just signed up for the Points Guy to give it a try, I don’t like the idea of getting an e,ail every morning, but I can always stop it.
    I may have mentioned this already, but a friend of ours was on a group zoom recently and she was in Cayman. Her daughter lives there. she was showing us all her tracker bracelet and explaining how it was all going. They were staying in a small rented apartment not wanting to cramp her daughter’s lifestyle. She delivered groceries to them. As son as the quarantine period finishes and they test negative, they were staying on at least another five weeks. I love Cayman, been there I think three times.
    I would love to be in the Caribbean. Not taken up Sam’s suggestion of going to Cape May for the day. I’m afraid I won’t be able to find anywhere to go to the bathroom. For several years my daughter and I took a Moms and daughters trip to the shore with two of her college friends and their Moms on Presidents Day weekend. Cant remember where we went, apart from Cape May, I get mixed up with the New Jersey and Delaware towns, it was probably the latter. One of the moms always paddled in the freezing ocean, not me. I do love walking the beach, going in the candy stores and the British fish and chip shop, shopping in the other stores and fun in the evenings. We need to do it again but now the girls all have children. If we can get vaccinated soon, I’d consider doing a pre season stay in Cape May.
    To get back to the Canada thread, love to do yet another Tauck tour that includes Canada. I think my favorite YD remains Canadian Rob White

  • ****cathyandsteve I hope your August Baltic cruise happens. I did the Tauck Russian Glories Baltic Treasures Land Tour in August 2018. The weather was perfect - I only needed a light jacket for the Russian portion. Lots of history, which I really enjoyed. I did a lot of advanced reading and movie watching. It was a great trip....

  • Hey British, come on down. We are north Jersey natives who retired to the Cape May area 5 years ago. One thing keeping us sane during this crazy time is our long walks on the Promenade, along the Delaware Bayshore, and along the birding trails at the Cape May Point state park by the lighthouse. FYI the restrooms near the shopping area are open, as well as the restrooms at the State Park. If you are walking the Promenade, you can go into the Grand Hotel to the restroom just off the lobby. Locals do it all the time! Plenty of take-out is available, so you wont go hungry. We have been on 10 Tauck tours and have had 3 cancelled this past year. Hoping things get better soon so we can travel again. We agree, Rob White is our favorite TD too!

  • Jersey Girl, that’s really great info, thank you. Maybe the next sunny day we might go. We had a lovely walk in the sunshine late this morning.

  • Forgot about the PVSA. The cruise lines will have to figure that one out.

  • How disappointing! We have booked a cruise with Silverseas for the inside passage this coming July. Also, we have two upcoming trips with Tauck which I feel will be cancelled. We are taking the Northern Spain and Rioja Valley tour on May 19 to June 1. We are also schedule for the Douro, Lisbon and Madrid from June 3 to June 14. We like to do back-to-back tours as we travel in business class.

    Tucson, AZ

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