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    Promising, but I'm not going to even think about it until we are within 4 months of traveling again. That will be awhile since our first trip is still 370 days off. But who's counting? :D

  • Just got off the phone with my brother who was worrying about current Heathrow restrictions - he has a layover there enroute Switzerland for our Aug/Sep trip. Told him until the EU and Switzerland opened up to tourists, whatever the brits were doing was moot. Months to wait and see. Our flight leaves for there in 170 days.

  • I think layovers will be different as long as you stay airside. But like many of us, do we worry yet or wait a few more months to even see if there is a possibility of travel

  • I’m still an optimist. I now have three trip plans for the same time in late June. Africa, and two back-up plans. By the way, the Sonesta Maho Beach in St. Maarten is up and running. That would be a possible launch site for a Windstar trip.

  • International travel is going to be so complicated. I have unused Air Canada credit that I'd ideally like to use going to Switzerland (if it opens to US citizens), but I can only have one transition in Canada, rather than the two that would be most common from my US home airport. I can only imagine that other countries are making similar rules that will make planning flights tricky.

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