Italy Trip Canceled for May

Not a big surprise but learned today my trip to northern Italy departing May 31 has been canceled. Still have four other trips booked with Tauck over the summer and hope one or more of those actually goes


  • Well, still waiting over here for them to cancel our May 10 river cruise to Black Sea. Can’t imagine it’s a go. Money due April 10 so they have some time.
    Problem is if it’s a go we are not prepared. We can pull it together, but now with the extension of the tax deadline that complicates work life.

  • Spoke too soon. Just got called. Another one bites the dust

  • Wow, they seem to be canceling much further ahead now.
    I know what you mean Grandmas, we have spent travel money on other projects and booked a couple of independent USA trips one of which is when we should be still on a Tauck tour.

    Hello Smarks! Good to see you are fit for travel if we can ever get out of this place!

  • Yesterday my trip to Northern Spain and the Rioja Valley was cancelled. It was due to leave on May 19. I expect that my other trip Exploring the Douro, Lisbon and Madrid leaving on June 3 will also be cancelled. What a disappointment!


  • Notified yesterday that our May trip to Brittany, Normandy, etc was canceled—no surprise. We also opted to move our August 2021 K&T tour to August 2022 out of an abundance of caution. So our next scheduled Tauck trip is February 2022–to Hawaii.

  • I have a friend scheduled for a May Ireland tour with a different tour company who had hers cancelled over a week ago. Just have to hope tours later in the summer can happen.

  • Our week in London and Paris tour for the middle of May was just cancelled. We don't have any other tours until 2022 so hoping they will go as scheduled.

  • Our May trip to Yosemite and Sequoia was canceled too.

  • Yosemite is open. We have been there three times in the last eight months. They did have a bad wind storm that took out around eighteen trees that were ‘hundreds’ of years old, and that part of the park is closed. The Ahwahnee Hotel is open and most facilities are available. If you want to go, book it on your own.

  • Yosemite....if you look at the tour dates, all but one say Available, these tours are usually sold out. Most people must have cancelled and it probably is not worth it to Tauck to run the tour. People will have just put it off for another time.The CDC are still not recommending travel.

  • If we all stick to believing the first thing that we are told about something, then we would all still be walking around believing the world was flat. Fortunately some of us have studied science and know that real proof can change facts. Those who don’t study science and adapt accordingly can go the way of the dinosaurs.

  • Today's "science" is more about political theater and less about science.

  • Facts are data....assuming they were measured correctly are the basis of a theory. If the facts support the theory, the theory is proven. Until more data is presented, that new data can either support the theory or disprove it.

    If someone said the world is flat and propose that, the scientist will ask for data to support that theory. When someone sailed around the world, the theory was disproven.

  • “Facts” are things that are known or proved to be true.” Facts have ‘certainty’ attached to them. Data can be used to arrive at a ‘fact, or a ‘theory’, or a ‘supposition’. “Fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he?” Data can be anything the collector wants it to be. If a ‘fact’ is proven wrong, by definition it was not a ‘fact’.

  • Celebrity and Royal Caribbean have announced they will commence cruising in June out of Caribbean ports. All passengers over 18 must be vaccinated. The CDC has made it virtually impossible for cruise lines to operate from U.S. ports in the near term. The approval process will take months. We wore masks from early in the pandemic because we already had them. Many of us in California already had a supply of masks including N95’s because of the multiple wildfires we had experienced. We were advised that the only masks that would protect from the smoke were the N95’s. After the concern arose about the health care workers getting the N95’s we wore masks of lesser quality. Our N95’s were not at all comfortable anyway. We will see what protocols they come up with for venues that require all guests to be vaccinated. A quarter of California has been vaccinated at least once, and they are doing around 350,000 per day.

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