My husband and I were thinking of going to Iceland but Tauck does not have a land tour. Has anyone used or know anything about Odysseus Unlimited? We’ve only done Tauck tours outside the USA so we have high standards.


  • Iceland has been high on our list and we did not care to take the Tauck small ship trip due to our lack of sea legs. We located several land based tours but parts of them were too aggressive with hikes. So we opted to have Audley Travel put together a custom designed trip for us in 2022.

  • I've been to Iceland 3 times (none with Tauck). Great place to visit, especially if you're into some hiking.

  • I feel the same about small ships as AshvEd. Wish Tauck did a long land tour of Scotland. Seriously considering Rick Steves now that they've added one. Not so posh but at least it goes to all the sights.

  • I'm sure there are lots of cruisers out there that can weigh in on the sea state experience they had on various tours.

    I did the Venice and Dalmatian Coast small ship tour on one of the Ponant ships and you could hardly tell you were on a ship. I did the Treasures of the Aegean on the Windstar and had a similar feeling (couldn't hardly tell you were on a ship). Both of those tours were in the Mediterranean and adjoining seas. Of the Tauck small ship tours I'd think that Antarctica has the highest odds of an unpleasant sea-state. Iceland and the other tours that cross Arctic circle might be next.

    I did a non-Tauck tour of the UK and Ireland where we took a ferry from Wales to Dublin. On the trip crossing, the deck of the ferry boat was at about 30 degrees. It made walking around quite interesting. That said, no one experienced any sea-sickness.

    I did another non-Tauck tour in Australia where part of the tour was an adventure from Cairns out to the Great Barrier Reef. On the trip to the Reef there were a few people that were using the sea-sickness bags. When I saw them I had to immediately head to a different part of the boat. For me the sight/smell of someone making a deposit in the 'bags' tends to start a gag reflex where, if I didn't move away, I might soon be following them.

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