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My old app does not work and I can not find a new app. Leaving in 30 days and would like the paperwork. It’s supposed to come digitally now, right? Or is it paper?


  • Tauck shelved the app and may or may not try to rework it sometime in the (distant?) future.

  • You are sent paperwork digitally 3 weeks before your tour. It’s been well publicized.

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    dorlester, you should have received an email from Tauck with a link at the bottom that allowed you to download a PDF file which contains the information formerly contained in the mailed green book. The subject line will be Important Pre-Departure Tour Documents. Your airline itinerary may be included or sent in a separate email (I've seen both happen on the same tour and with airfare booked with Tauck). If you haven't received this email and have checked spam/junk files on your email account, give Tauck a call.

    The app will not be used for 2021 tours but they are hoping to bring it back for 2022.

  • Thanks for the answers. It’s not in Trash. I emailed Tauck 3 days ago about this and I haven’t heard back. I will wait for the 3 week point (Tauck’s video said 30 days prior to tour) before I start calling. I just like to have everything in order well before departure.

  • Sorry, didn’t mean Trash, should have typed Spam. Traveling these days gets me nervous.

  • Dorlester, emailing isn't your best way to communicate with them. I'd call and talk to an agent.

  • Sorry they dropped the App. It wasn't perfect, but it was useful! Here's hoping they will restore it in 2022.

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