Train from Brussels to Paris/Versailles

Has anyone taken the train from Brussels to Paris/Versailles for the Normandy, Brittany, Paris, and the Loire Valley Tour? We are taking the Holland and Belgium in Spring Small Ship Cruise first then I would like to take the train from Brussels to Paris. If there is a train stop closer to Versailles that would be nice. Just a wish (If wishes were horses, beggars would ride) I'm just trying to avoid having to go to CDG (northeast) and get picked up from there to go to Versailles (west). I think the train would be a nice change from flying.



  • When we went on an independent trip to Paris, we went on the train to Versailles, that’s all I can remember

  • Yes, you can but I believe it will involve at least 2 stops enroute (and I think transfers to other trains) with one of them likely Paris. Either google "train from Brussels, Belgium to Versailles, France" and see what they list which will include a site called rome2rio.

    Assuming the goal is getting to Versailles, I'd book a non-stop to Paris Gare du Nord then have the Tauck driver pick you up there. Then its about an hour drive to the hotel in Versailles. The train station in Versailles is about 2.5 kilometers from the hotel. Not far but not a route I'd want to drag my suitcases over.

    We're doing this tour next month (fingers crossed emoji) flying into Paris. We've done this before at the start of a Seine cruise. Lovely hotel.

  • Google is your friend:

    I did like British - made the trip during an independent European expedition.

  • Claudia is right, but here's a bit more detail to help you. Take a high speed train (TGV) from Brussels to Paris - Gare du Nord. You'll want to buy your tickets in advance for this and get a reserved seat. If you continue by train from there, take the Metro to Gare de Paris - Montparnasse. From there you can get a commuter rail train to Versailles. For more detail on the trains in Paris use Google maps to get directions from Gare du Nord to Versailles (via public transit).

  • I know the tour itinerary says Tauck will arrange a transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport, but they will also pick you up at a Paris train station. Family members who joined us on our Seine cruise years ago arrived early and stayed at a Paris AirBnB. Tauck would not pick them up or take them to that location, but when it was time to join the tour a driver picked them up at one of the main train stations and drove them to the Waldorf-Astoria Versailles. Just make sure to have a contact phone number for the car service to make sure you can communicate your exact location at the station.

  • Thanks, Claudia. I figured that was the case, based on my experience with Tauck's transportation in other tours I have taken. It's been over five years since I took a Tauck tour overseas and just wanted to make sure the rules hadn't changed. Appreciate your help!

  • Claudia, I have a reservation for the train from Brussels to Gare du Nord non-stop. Perfect!!!!

  • Best of luck on both tours. I'm reliving part of the Brittany tour this week attempting to make Britan Sables - yummy butter cookies. :)

  • Sounds like a winner!!!!

  • Claudia…homemade sables, yum. I too miss France. I’ve been munching away on La Mère Poulard palets from Yummy Bazaar, my online pandemic savior. Not to mention the Italian cookie Advent calendar. Happy Holidays to all!

  • OK, checking to see if anyone who hangs around in here will be on the Normandy, Brittany, Paris, and the Loire Valley trip on May 24, 2022. We are taking the train from Brussels to Paris after the Holland & Belgium in Spring River Boat Cruise.

  • I see those great direct Belgium to Paris trains on the weekdays. Our tour starts on Sunday, May 22nd. I can't find any Sunday trains on the Rail Europe website . . . hard to believe that it might be a "never on Sunday". We want to leave from Antwerp but it looks like our itinerary might change. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • We are on the Normandy, Brittany, Paris & the Loire Valley trip that starts on May 24. We are on the Amsterdam to Brussels river cruise before it. We spending a couple of days extra in Brussels to visit some friends then taking the train on the 24th to Paris. We made the train reservation last September and received notification just a few days ago from I have no idea about their Sunday trains, but I would be surprised if they didn't have service. See if this takes you to the website for Rail Ninja. There were all kinds of trains on Sunday the 24th from Brussels to Paris.

  • Thanks so much for telling me about Rail.Ninja! Instead of leaving from Antwerp we'll leave from Brussels for an easy ride to Paris. Have fun on your riverboat cruise. I was at the Keukenhof decades ago and loved it. Ghent and Bruges are really special, too.

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    I rely on the German website for European-wide train schedules and have always found it 100% accurate. RailEurope has some negative comments online; it may be less comprehensive.

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