New vessel Andorinha

The first voyage is now complete and many of the passengers are home. We are on the Sept 16, 2121 cruise and are anxious to hear from previous passengers "how was it"? Any info is appreciated.


  • Jeko, you might check out Tauck's facebook posts. They have someone posting something everyday while on tour.

  • Thanks for the tip about Facebook, Claudia. Looks like a typical Tauck Cruise and I don't see any passengers wearing masks in any of the photos, even on the excursions off the ship.

  • Travel maven - At this time I think Small Ship tours are likely to be the closest to normal of any of the tours, especially if your tour only visits one country ( then you only have one country’s rules to satisfy, in addition to the cruise lines rules, and Tauck’s rules). Having done this ( one country, small ship) in late June on the Iceland tour, I think it was the nearest to pre-pandemic as you can get.

  • We are on the Sept 25 trip. We received our email today with the entry requirements for Portugal and the requirements for the trip. Getting excited.

  • Jill_Quigley -

    I am aware of the entry and exit requirements, but please summarize the tour requirements as they relate to COVID. Thank you in advance!

  • Here you go,

    The Travel Well Pledge will ask you to confirm that you have one of the following:

    -A government-issued certificate, such as the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, indicating that you are fully vaccinated and received the final required dose at least 14 days prior to the start of this tour or cruise.
    -A laboratory-issued, dated negative result from a PCR COVID-19 test taken within 3 days of the start of this tour or cruise.
    -If fully recovered from COVID-19 within the past 3 months, documentation of a positive result from a COVID-19 test taken within the past 3 months and a letter from your healthcare provider, or a public health official, that states you are cleared for travel.

  • Thanks, Jill_Quigley, for your reply. What I had in mind was any insight into possible itinerary changes and COVID protocols outside of the boilerplate information. Have a great tour. I look forward to your trip review!

  • Today's "Compass" from Tauck included a brief but very nice video of the Andorinha's maiden voyage. This video was slightly different than what was published in early August.

    I also received a gracious letter today from Tauck's President, Jennifer Tombaugh, welcoming us on the November voyage and thanking us for our continued belief in them. Yet another video was included. What a beautiful ship! And less than 40 guests on the first voyage!

    What might be of interest to all is that Ms. Tombaugh mentioned (I am paraphrasing from here on out) that of the thousands of worldwide guests who have traveled with them thus far in 2021, only a few vaccinated guests tested positive for COVID and those few guests had no or minor symptoms. She did not divulge what the protocol was for treating those guests, but she did state that all tours continued as planned with no interruptions.

    I understand that some herein are tired of my accolades for Tauck, but their transparency, customer service and acknowledgement of their customers (whether you are contemplating your first trip or your hundredth) are unparalled.

  • Thanks for your positive comments, kfnkfnfzk! We have traveled with Tauck on 13 trips…outstanding every time. Sure there are hiccups but always handled with great attention. We’ve been with A & K when Tauck wasn’t going where we wanted to go…but our #1 choice is ALWAYS TAUCK! We are booked for 4 more in 2022 and 2023…praying they come to pass.

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    The new video was very nice. we’d love to do that cruise in the future
    We booked a new Tauck tour just yesterday, the new Desert Oasis tour which will break up our cold winter very nicely in February. We have three other tours booked with Tauck next year, how many of them will actually end up going, probably our new booking and one other. As you say Kfn…, Tauck will not take us anywhere which isn’t safe, and these countries may still be closed to Americans, which is why I’m not hopeful. This new booking is the first we have made with confidence. The agent was excellent and gushing about the new ship and Portugal during our conversation. We were on hold for about fifteen minutes. It seems Tauck still wants more people to travel in 2021. It’s too late for us, we made other plans.
    It alarms me that there are people testing positive on the tours. I hope they report back here about their quarantine experiences in other countries. Our three day quarantine before getting home in March 2020, I would not want to repeat.

  • This is pure conjecture on my part, but given that U. S. tours started operating before the international ones, I suspect that those isolated COVID cases occurred on American soil.

    Nancy - I agree. Since we took our first Tauck tour many years ago, we have never toured with anyone else.

    Safe travels everyone.

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    Just watched a very happy and very sunburned Dan Mahar on the beautiful Andorinha. Don't forget to pack your sunscreen...☀️

  • This tour is turning out to be very popular, perhaps because it is new. For 2022, the two dozen departures are sold out already for the largest rooms! And dates for 2023 are published already. I am so looking forward to this trip. Is anyone else booked for the last voyage of this year?

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    We traveled the Andorinha maiden voyage and it was delightful. As to someone’s comments on masks…masks were required and worn by everyone on all buses, tours, and ship’s public spaces. Once seated in the lounge or dining room or on a pool deck chair, we could then remove our masks. Tauck staff and crew and local guides and bus drivers were fantastic! On our last day everyone tested negative with the covid testing.

  • Thanks, Cheryl_Snyder, for your update. Were you able to have regional cuisine on the boat?

  • Oh my goodness, the dreaded Air France, they strike so often. I think this may not be your only flight change, especially as more EU countries re-instate quarantine like The Netherlands have just done. Good job you booked your flights with Tauck

  • Actually, Air France is my preferred airline. I usually fly on their enormous A380, but it just didn't work this time. I have never had a problem with strikes. Perhaps it is more an issue with flights within Europe, but I have never had an issue with that either. Yes, I am very grateful that I have Tauck book my air. I forgot to mention that the woman who helped me mentioned that they are inundated with trying to assist customers with airline schedule changes.

  • Flew Air France for Tauck’s August 13 to 26th Treasures of Spain & Portugal cruise. Fabulous flight in premium economy. I was one of 5 travelers in the section of 28 seats between bulkheads. Service, drinks, and food were great. I’ve never had a bad Air France flight nor a bad connection through CDG Paris.
    As for the Covid restrictions… a family of 5 were politely asked to remove their cloth masks and were given surgical masks. Not seated in my section but comforting nevertheless. Made me think the crew were taking the protocols seriously and concerned for all on board.
    As for our Windstar ship… comforting to know they required all passengers and crew to be vaccinated. Now that Tauck also has the same requirement for all tours I’ll revisit Tauck’s available tour options. Thank you Tauck!

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    We were ‘’parked’ next to the Wind Surf in Malta on the 31st of August. That is our home away from home. We have cruised on her thirteen times. I thought that was a lot until I met a guy who had done 150 Windstar cruises.

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