Jordan & Egypt: Petra to the Pyramids- Anyone going next Sept. 26th.

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I just want to say ... Hello. :)


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    I better stop writing on the forum, while I'm at work :D
    Cannot concentrate... using a lot of bad English.... :s

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    You are too funny!

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    I came across this article and thought it might be of interest to people with upcoming trips that include Petra.


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    Thank you Smiling Sam for the great article - just in the nick of time! We leave today for this adventure.

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    Sam, Thanx. I don’t know if I’ve seen that article but have seen similar ones. It sure would be nice to spend more than one day in Petra, but two full days would be too much. There is no way to fit in all sites he visited in just one day. As it is, I’ll miss (or just see from a distance) one or two, like the royal tombs, if I take the alternate trek I’ve planned back to the entrance after the hike to the Monastery. I can forego the hike to the Treasury overlook. Of course, the way my legs have been lately, who knows what I will be able to do by then- gettin’ older by the hour😟

    Lovese2travel2- have a great time!

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    loves2travel2 Have an amazing trip! Enjoy.

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    Smiling Sam Hi, I just saw the article, it's great! Not really sure I'll get to do more than what the group will do with Tauck, my mom is going with me.. and the only hiking she does is to the mall...:(
    But maybe I can send her back to hotel and at least see the Royal Tombs.

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