How is it going?

Very curious how the Sept 6 tour is going. Are all planned itinerary events happening? Has the “4-people-only at a table” changed any of the special dinners and luncheons? Leaving USA 9/22 for 9/24 tour. So many questions! I wish Tauck would send us an itinerary update.


  • We completed our Sicilian Odyssey October 24, 2021. I cant say enough about how great it was. Our TD was phenomenal and extremely accommodating, and worked hard to get a new activity planned when our schedule was interrupted by the filming of a movie at our destination. The weather was rather cold and i needed a coat most days. As always the food was excellent but perhaps too plentiful. I'll give specifics if anyone is interested.

  • Yes, please provide a review of your trip! Thank you.

  • Jane Russell - by cold how cold do you mean? We have changed our tour to October 2022 from September 2021. This is what we understood weather would be Temperatures across Sicily run between 56-69˚F (14-21˚C), where Palermo sees an average high of 75˚F (24˚C) Thanks

  • It was very windy in several of the locations and with temps in the mid to lower 60's (I had expected 70's and 80's based on what i had read in reviews from 2018) i was uncomfortably cold in single layer long sleeves. I bought a sweatshirt, scarf and a hoodie and wore them almost everyday over my other shirts. I think i packed poorly for the weather. Still i got in the sea when i could as that was important to me. Look for orange and fennel salad, swordfish rolls, and all the local red wines to try. Also we ate at a restaurant in Siracusa that offered a mixed shellfish dish served with their local crusty bread that was amazingly fresh. Seafood in general was excellent in Sicily. I have to say i didn't care for the fish roll we had at the Planeta Winery. The fish was too strong. We arrived in Palermo on a Saturday. What a vibrant city with the young people active in the evening enjoying themselves. The city is like many in southern Italy; they have trouble picking up their trash but i never felt unsafe, and the liveliness and excitement was enticing. If you have extra time before the beginning of your tour we highly recommend a trip to Savoca to eat at Bar Vitelli and tour the filming memorabilia of the Godfather. The orange salad there was unbeatable. The private tour of the Baroness' home was a true surprise. I am sorry no pictures were allowed though they wouldnt have done justice anyway.

  • Thank you Jane Russell! Sounds like UK weather! I will plan for layers and hope I don't need them. Thanks for the tips.

    We have been surprised in October in the Mediterranean in the past - the back end of a cyclone on the Ponant where the ship left the sea!, On another trip, rough seas and cool weather on Capri so we could not visit the Blue Grotto and on the same trip, a flooded coliseum from a flash flood. All part of our trip stories and a reason to return.

  • Also, the mask wearing was unobtrusive. While required on the buses, they weren't required outside or in many of the restaurants and museums. Some fellow travelers were a little obsessive about it but Melisa, our TD, was very adept at smoothing ruffled feathers and getting compliance and a return to enjoying the current events. Eating "al fresco" is the norm as far as i could tell and it was comfortable in the temps we had if you were in the sun and out of the wind which seemed to always be the case when Papa Tauck was in charge.

  • Thank you Jane, for your information and observations. We are going to Sicily late May,and I’ve been concerned about masking, or lack thereof. Being high risk, I’m a rather fanatical masker.

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