Morocco Nov. 2021 here we come!

First trip out of the country in 18 excited! We will be on the Nov. 11 Morocco tour. Any thoughts, suggestions from past travelers?




  • Shari-I wrote a message to you (see top left by your name). Wishing you a wonderful trip. Want to hear all your tips when you return! Nancy

  • Morocco was everything we hoped for...and more! We felt we were really immersed in the culture and experienced authentic Morocco! The food is very Moroccan...imagine that! Perhaps got weary of Tangine prepared root vegetables by the end of our visit but truly great flavor! Of course we bought a rug (a runner) and I walk on it from my bedroom to the entry every day and love the memory of buying it! You're going in November, we went in May...both delightful times to be there. I'll look back in my notes but I know we loved the bazaars and souks...some hotels are unique, some are truly fabulous. Ending in Marrakesh at the Four Seasons was great! I'm so happy you get to go this fall...we are awaiting our first international trip in 2 years but not until Paris!

  • Traveling on the October 31st tour!
    Looking forward to meeting fellow travelers!

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    Shari, NancyCohen meant top right by your name. (the envelope icon) :D

  • Seeing is believing. It is top left on my iPhone

  • Well so it is! :D It is not there on my phone-

  • Alan, in NC, I thought they had these - at least that's the case in Mayberry and Hootervile:

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