28 Aug - Classic Tour review

A wonderful tour very much focused on scenery and the outdoors. Fairly physically demanding with lots stairs. We had amazing weather the entire trip. Warmer than I expected so I slightly over packed on cold weather clothing and could have used a couple more warm weather items.

The hotels were excellent and most gave us rooms with a view. All had full amenities (including bathroom scales – how rude). AC a bit of a rarity but in most like Zermatt and Interlaken, you could open a window. Food was a bit hit or miss. Breakfast buffets still the norm. Great chocolate everywhere – just make sure it’s actually made in Switzerland. Also cheese of course.

Dress code very casual. Per the TD – the dressiest definition was Smart Elegant which meant no sneakers, shorts or jeans. No need for dresses or sport coats. Just dressy enough for dinner in the hotels. No need for hiking boots or poles unless you plan some independent excursion. More important to be able to layer and adjust to different temperatures.

Covid impacts mostly on needing to wear a mask on the bus/trains and indoors. On the bus we were spaced with at least 1 row apart but did have seat rotation as normal. Several hotels provided masks and/or small bottles of hand sanitizer. Larger containers everywhere near doorways. At the time we were there no one in Switzerland asked to see our CDC cards. The only time was for the lunch in Stressa. That may have changed.

If you have any euros bring them. They will come in handy for small purchases in Stressa and Belaggio.

Day by day to follow. Yes, bkmd there are character limits on posts.


  • Thanks, Claudia, for your post. When you traveled from Bern to Lucerne, did Tauck not stop at the Lion Monument? Viewing it and learning of its historical significance brought me to tears.

  • kfnknfzk - I was on this tour w/Claudia. On Day 10 w/the guided walking tour, at the end of the city walk, anyone who wanted to see the Lion Monument continued on w/the guide. Only 6 of us went to see it.

  • Kathy0529,

    Thanks for the clarification.

  • The Lion Monument popped up at different times in different itineraries but as Kathy said was an optional add on to the city walking tour. Lucerne is a very walkable city.

  • edited September 2021

    Thank you, Claudia, for such generous sharing. It was fun reliving my Swiss tour, though sounds a bit exhausting, esp. with your back-to-back travel. Tauck should put you on retainer btw.

  • Thank you for the review! I'm hoping my thrice rescheduled trip happens next summer...

  • I really enjoyed the overview - very helpful. Crossing my fingers for some (consistently) good food :-)

  • Great review Claudia !!!

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