November 14, 2021



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    bkmd, The "Word" I referred to earlier is specifically Microsoft Office Word 2007 aka a word processor. I just tested what happens to various documents written in Word to see how they appeared after a direct copy/paste. On a fairly long document (about a full page of text or more) line spacing was truncated compared to the original I had typed. In order to make it read as easy in the forum as it is in my original document I had to go back in and add line spacing.

    If you read many of my posts you'll see that I do generally add line spacing because - yes - it is easier to read. It's part of human factors in design. Something I wrote on in my Masters Thesis.

    However, none of that excuses how needlessly rude you were in responding to Jason's original post. You could have said something like "Great review of your trip. If possible could you use the Edit feature to add line spacing to make it easier to read?"

    Alan, ignore the flaggers. Like trolls they feed on attention. Starve them of it.

  • Yes Claudia, you are indeed correct. That as exactly what I did. I spent a great deal of time reviewing our Morocco trip and making sure I had facts and places correct so I typed it in Word first too, then copy/pasted it. When I first pasted it in the post it looked fine, then later when I went back in, it indeed truncated it. Thanks Alan for fixing it for me. I never claimed to be a good writer, and typically take criticism very well. But venom is very different.

    Alan, my pictures are still there. I had put them under a different post titled, "Yes, you can travel with confidence". I was completing the encouraging thread about not being afraid to travel to Morocco with confidence since COVID.

  • Jason, the Preview feature on the forum is useful. I usually use it for posts that include photos or different formatting so I can see what it looks like.

  • For future reference, 3 boxes to the left of Post Comment is the preview botton. Never hurts to hit that first to make sure your post appears the way you intend. This is directed to the forum at large, for informational purposes, and not any individual.

  • Nice reminder, BKMD. Thank you.

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    And don't forget you can always go back and correct it at any time, Just click on the little gear icon at the right of the text box and select "edit" or if you change your mind about posting, just select "delete."

    Also, if you will be interrupted or suddenly called away, the software will save a draft only visible to you- it does that at pre-determined fixed intervals. To avoid losing the last few words or sentence, it is best to save it manually by hitting "Save Draft" before you exit. When you return to finish your draft you will find it under "My Drafts" in the right column under "My Discussions."

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