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When the Tauck family was running the company complements and complaints were addressed immediately. Now that Tauck has turned totally corporate there appears to be no interest in addressing and resolving issues. A call to Guest Relations leaves issues unresolved after a month, without even a follow-up call; and a letter to the company’s president is not even acknowledged.

We’ve taken 14 trips with Tauck and rarely had so much as a blip. Spain and Portugal is in its own category. Some of the most significant sites were skipped altogether, think the Alcazar, among others. Although we were told explicitly we would not be going to the Alhambra and should buy our own tickets, when we arrived we were told that we would be going; however we would only receive a partial reimbursement for our out of pocket expense. Transfers were mishandled. Being dumped about 10 miles from the correct Madrid air terminal, luggage and all, is a disgrace - and not so much as an apology, let alone an offer to reimburse out of pocket expenses.

Some of the day by day issues could have been resolved by the TD. Apparently they are limited to writing incidence reports. I have to wonder if anyone will read this post and personally respond.


  • Lee - No guarantee anyone from Tauck reads the forum, much less responds. Try using, if you haven’t already, the Contact Tauck link at the bottom of the home page.

  • Lee that sounds terrible! I certainly would be disappointed. An apology would be the bare minimum you should receive.

    I usually send my comment slip given out by the tour director directly to Tauck via mail if there was a problem. I usually get a response, not immediately, but at least get an acknowledgement, a few times a phone call and reimbursement.

    I find emails go unanswered or even worse - told to call the telephone number! That is inexcusable in this age of electronic communications. Timely and appropriate communication with your clients is essential to a quality business. Despite that, we still travel with Tauck. Not much else out there. These are difficult times for these businesses. I believe Tauck will survive, we just need to be patient.

    Interesting - I found a 2 question survey in my junk mail this week from Tauck. It wanted to know if I were to cancel would I do it on my own or wait for Tauck to do it! Second question if I remember correctly would I go even with Covid concerns? I wonder whether they are thinking of changing their cancellation policy?

  • Thanks for your comments. I sent Priority Mail with return receipt letter directly to Jennifer Tombaugh, President of Tauck. I have the return receipt but not a single word from Tauck after almost 3 weeks not even an acknowledgment of receiving the letter I spoke directly with a Client Services rep one month ago, promised a reply, now nothing, just a void.

  • As Sealord mentioned, Tauck remains a family-owned and operated company known not only for their high-end tours but also for their exemplary customer service.

    I'm not sure I understand how an individual can complain about skipped sites but is then unable to identify or even remember those sites. Nor do I understand why the individual does not call Tauck directly and request customer service when prompted to do so. Something seems amiss, especially the allegation of being "dumped" at the wrong terminal. Tauck's drivers have always confirmed the airport, airline, domestic or international flight and/or train station he/she is taking us to.

    On a separate note, I, too, received a two-question survey from Tauck wanting to know if I still planned on taking my 2022 tours. If not, would I cancel on my own or wait until Tauck canceled them if need be. My survey made no explicit mention of COVID concerns.

  • Tauck, has or will be reaching out to you.

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    Lee, Are you saying what you thought were significant sites were missed or sites that were on the itinerary? It isn’t clear. Maybe the tour director was taking you to the Palace because they could not take you somewhere else because of Covid. I see you did call Customer Relatioms and they did not get back to you, which in the past would have been enough.
    We’ve only had to send a personal letter twice since 2003, the last was definitely to Dan Mahar. We got a call from Tauck. I had made suggestions for improvement as well as concerns about something, I forget what now and they really appreciated it, offering a voucher when nothing was expected.
    As far as the airport terminals, I know they are far apart. We flew from MADRID a few years ago, not on a Tauck tour and it was huge with lots of walking and queuing.
    Tauck rarely look at these forums, just call them again, they record all calls and will be able to refer to your last one.
    Tauck do make mistakes. Kfnknfzk, you are just lucky all your tours have been wonderful.

  • British,

    May I send you a private message so as not to deflect form this thread?

  • Go ahead

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    Your private message to AlanS complaining about me turned out not to be private. Sorry you feel that way. Nonetheless, I wish you the best. Please don't respond. You made yourself very, very clear.

    Postscript - Poof....the "private" messages between you and your friend were mysteriously deleted.

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