Israeli souvenirs going into Jordan?

I have heard anecdotal evidence that Israeli souvenirs are not welcome in Jordan and that one should avoid taking anything like a Star of David or a Menorah in one's checked luggage as it is often searched for such. Can anyone who has had experience on this trip comment?


  • Crumbs, that’s a good question.

    I almost had the painted ostrich egg i has bought in South Africa taken off me when we entered Zimbabwe.

    Fortunately when we took our first Costa Rica tour with Tauck and the local tour guide told us how cheap machetes were and how they came with a lovely leather sleeve….we all bought one , but they went into our checked luggage
    Still use mine in the garden on occasion. My skills may come in useful if I ever audition for Survivor.

  • I had a menorah that I bought in Jerusalem (from an Arab) in my bag. I saw no evidence of it having being searched (nothing out of place), but it was certainly x-rayed a number of times.

  • milmil
    edited February 2022

    rwilso15 Hi
    I've never heard that before and I doubt it. People like to talk a lot, enjoy your trip and feel free to get your souvenirs... unless you're carrying with truly biblical treasures, some illegal substance or an expensive antique, which it is normally ship direct to your country, no one will care about souvenirs

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