All 2022 Tours Cancelled!

Tauck has cancelled all 2022 Russian Glories, Baltic Treasures tour.

Currently in Huatulco, Mexico for an all-inclusive resort visit. Will have a bunch of rescheduling to do upon our return to Tucson.


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    Wow Sam, you sure do live the life! 😀

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    That's what I was thinking, British. But I think Sam is a wimp. He lives in Tucson. When it drops to 50F, he heads south to warm up.
    I wonder if he goes to all-inclusives in Canada when it hits triple digits (2 months away?) :)

    Good luck with finding an alternative trip, Sam.

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    Rick Steves also canceled all those tours. He sent out a very well written email about why. I imagine all companies will do the same.

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