Concerns about traveling to Italy during this frightening time

I am going on the northern Italy tour in May. I know trips to Russia have been canceled and I am beginning to get concerned about how safe European travel is going to get over the next few months. Has anyone heard anything?


  • No one knows, just like covid, no one knows what might happen

  • Tauck is not going to jeopardize the safety of their patrons. Rest assured they are monitoring the situation. They have also been giving daily updates.

  • Well said, mil. And should unrest occur, Tauck always has contingency plans. Their bubble of protection will tighten.

  • kfnknfzk they had a huge!!!!!!!!!!! scare in Turkey, back 2014 - due to the unrest by the Taksim square.

  • I feel safe here in the US and I live in NYC. I know that Tauck is very cautious and will not put anyone in a dangerous situation. I still have two months till my trip to Italy and a lot can happen. I am keeping my fingers crossed and pray that everyone is safe.

  • I was wondering the same. We have a trip to Portugal at the end of April and are wondering if it's safe to go with the current horrible situation. I'm more up for going, but my husband is very uneasy. Pray for peace!

  • I’m scheduled for the Bucharest to Budapest river cruise. I believe that if it’s unsafe, Tauck will cancel. I had a number of trips scheduled in the last year and Tauck canceled when other travel organizations did not. So I’m not worried. However, I feel for the untenable situation in Ukraine. Maybe if the war ends sooner than later🙏The European community will need our tourism dollars.

  • The Russians are not invading Italy.

  • Absolutely go. You’ll have no regrets. Yes,Italy is wonderful.

  • Here’s some thoughts today from the Points Guy

    Tauck has only lost one customer via a terrorist attack in all their almost 100 year history. The story we were told indicated it was the traveller’s fault because they did not obey instructions.
    Tauck, if they don’t cancel or there is a tour with a sudden terrible attack have standby planes they can whisk people away in. They do publish this information on their website these days.

    Will I be cancelling? No because I am not due to leave for a non US trip until September, we didn’t want Covid tests and forms to fill in etc… right now one of the countries is still closed because of Covid. We are still traveling but a bit more wisely for what we consider are the important things for us to think about.

  • Thomas, do you know for a fact that Tauck will cancel the Budapest to Bucharest river cruise? When looking on a map, the conflict is very far from the Danube.

  • What I’m saying, is that if it is dangerous, they will certainly cancel. I can only judge from my limited experience of the past year. That said I have every confidence that they will do what is necessary to provide an excellent and secure tour. If they feel it can’t be achieved, they will cancel. As I said, I think support of Ukraine, and Europe as well with tourists, is not a bad thing. Yes, the Danube is not right next to Ukraine, but the tour, after Bucharest, begins in the Black Sea city of Constantia, so close enough. Who knows? Let’s all prayer for 🇺🇦 Ukraine. 🙏

  • What is likely to happen is that lots of people will cancel so that Tauck has to consolidate dates or be forced to cancel entirely. They have done that before

  • Oh that’s interesting. Makes sense British. You have plenty of experience with Tauck so glad to hear from you. Thanks.

  • Seaford, do not have to be snarky about Russia not invading Italy. It is not a laughing matter.

  • Amen and thank you Sealord. My husband and I made a donation to help Ukraine. If I can afford to travel, I can afford to help in some small significant way.

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