Any idea why there are so many more departure dates in 2022 than 2023?

Title says it all.


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    I can't speak for this particular tour, but I have seen on other tours that as future demand increases so do the available dates. Just an observation on my part.

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    Yes, same experience as kfnknfzk

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    I think land tours they have a lot more flexibility to add tours depending on demand. I had looked at Scandinavia for 2023. There are almost 30 dates for 2022 and right now only 4 small group starts for 2023. There were actually a few more the last time I looked including classic sized. But, loads of openings in 2022 so I wasn't in any hurry to book more than a year away.

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    edited March 2022

    When brochures were regularly published (pre-COVID), Tauck would routinely indicate that more tours would be added as interest increased. I agree that this probably pertains only to land tours since mooring/docking permits and schedules have to be booked long in advance. That's my guess anyway.

    Ja, Skandinavien, mit elskede hjemland = Yes, Scandinavia, my beloved homeland.

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