Norwegian fjords cruise July 22, 2022

Anyone staying extra night in Bergen at the end. We are looking to take tour on Sunday to Gudvangen and Flam. It is around $2000 for 2 or 4 and like $2600 for 6 Here is tour highlights and what is included. They have another one that is minus one stop and a few dollars cheaper


  • I have traveled extensively throughout Scandinavia and can attest to how scenic the Flam Line between Myrdal and Flam is. Truly breathtaking. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

  • richard_reinwald: we are on the July 15 eastbound trip, and we also wanted to see a bit more of the country. We booked a "Norway in a Nutshell" tour. Website is . The tour operator makes it easy to book your trip, either a day trip or, for us, an overnight in Flam. they provide all your tickets electronically, handle hotel reservations, very smooth. We booked in 2020 and they were very good about issuing a refund when the Tauck cruise was cancelled. Rick Steves describes their tour in his Norway guidebook. It is not guided like the tour you mention, but much cheaper. I just checked their website and a long day tour by train, ferry, and bus with an itinerary such as Bergen-Myrdal-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss-Bergen costs $472.53 dollars U.S. (I converted) for TWO people.

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    I too have traveled throughout Scandinavia (Denmark/Norway/Sweden/Finland) back in 1983 on a 19 day tour with another non-Tauck travel company (by plane, boat, train, and bus). it was fantastic, one of the best experiences of my life. The entire Scandinavian area was so beautiful. Everyone should have the opportunity to visit the area in their lifetime. :-)

  • Yes they should, our Tauck tour was cancelled but we haven’t rebooked

  • As a Dane (left there at age eight (8), I must graciously correct tomh on Scandinavian countries. Finland is not classified as Scandinavian because its language is not part of the Northern Germanic language classification as is Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Finnish language is part of the Uralic language structure.

    Just think, if ever a question on Jeopardy (actually, I think it was), all of you would know the answer!

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    kfnknfzk, nevertheless Finland was gorgeous as well back then. Unfortunately, many folks traveling in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway fail to think about including Finland while they are in the area. BTW, while stationed in the Army in Germany (1969-72), I managed to get to see Copenhagen in 1971 and later in 1983, almost two different cities then, i.e. really "swinging and a bit wild" in 1971 and then by 1983 a bit more sedate. I loved both. :-)

  • Our last international trip was to Finland February 2020 to see the Northern Lights! It was magical…loved the Sami people, the culture, Little did we know how our world was going to change. We were on a Crystal cruise when we did Norway…it’s absolutely breathtaking. “What a wonderful world”…time to go see more of it again!

  • Speaking of Scandinavia again, I also found that Stockholm, Sweden, in 1983 was one of the most beautiful cities I had ever seen, especially down in the city's Gamla Stan area. The entire area seemed almost like a fairytale to me then. :-)

  • Stockholm was, and hopefully still is, the most beautiful and clean city I have ever been to.

  • My first trip to Scandinavia in the '80s I spent a week each in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, with a train itinerary in pencil and no reservations...ah youth. At the time it was recommended as safe and easy for solo travel and that proved true. After a number of return visits I'm still not sure which country is my favorite.

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    One of my favorite visits to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1971 was to the famous "Tivoli Gardens" there (first opened in 1843). During the summer of 1971 it was strung with tiny Christmas lights throughout the Gardens with musicians and singers performing everywhere in the Gardens outdoors. I even saw the late Victor Borge perform indoors there (Borge, a Dane, would return to Copenhagen from the U.S. to perform there each year). I returned again 12 years later in 1983 to Tivoli, but although it was still almost "magical" it was not quite the same for me as it had been 12 years earlier. :-)

  • I have many fond memories of my early childhood in Denmark, especially Tivoli Gardens. Sadly, Tivoli lost its old world charm several decades ago. I was so distraught the last time there when a band was playing Beach Boys songs and singing in English. I actually cried and left. I return to Kobenhavn regularly (pre-COVID) but avoid Tivoli. Some family members tell me that the back of the park is still a nice area to take the children to. At least I have my childhood memories of my time there.

  • kfnknfzk, Unfortunately, I know; I have not been back there since 1983. At one time I thought about returning again for a visit there, but after checking around on the internet/YouTube I was highly disappointed. Sigh. Even in 1983, I found that there were now slot machines in the Gardens, etc., and no more music/singers/tiny Christmas lights, etc. A real shame for a Gardens/Park that had been around since 1843. One would hope that the Danish Govt. would do something about it.

  • Interesting that some of you were impressed by Stockholm. For me, it was a blah, uninteresting city with boring architecture. Gamla Stan, while historic, was nothing but souvenir and T shift shops. Only thing I liked about Stockholm was the Vasa Museum. OTOH, loved Copenhagen (been there 3 times) and all of Norway.

  • BKMD,

    Don't be deceived by the boring architecture in Stockholm. Should you ever go again, step inside City Hall. It is breathtaking, as are the interiors of many other buildings.


    I guess Tivoli has succumbed to commercialism and tourism like many other once great places. When clearing out my mother's home, I came across a photo of my father at the age of ~ 24 months in Tivoli. The back of the photo had a date of 1909.

  • I went on the Tauck Scandinavia Tour back in 2005, can't believe it was 17 years ago. Yikes!!! . I kept a travel diary back then and my journal notations showed that I really enjoyed Stockholm and wished we had some extra days to spend there as there was so much to see and do.

    I remember seeing pictures, probably in a National Geographic, when I was a teenager and always wanted to visit Tivoli Gardens. However, I have to agree with some of the comments posted here that I was very underwhelmed by the experience. It was interesting to see, but extremely expensive and there were only a couple of music venues.

    I had also noted that I enjoyed the Vasa Museum very much, however, not enough time was allotted to view the exhibits after the tour. We only had about 15 minutes to take in the exhibits.

    Norway was absolutely beautiful and took my breath away. If you enjoy scenery and mountains, you will love this portion of the Tour.

  • kfnknfzk. When I was at Tivoli during the summer of 1971 (tiny christmas lights, music/singers everywhere throughout the park, etc.), I sat at a table there outdoors to get a drink and food with a middle age Danish lady (grandmother type) sitting there at the table with her family. She recognized me as an American and spoke to me in English, asking me about myself and how I liked it there, and encouraging me to also travel and see more of Denmark outside of Copenhagen. But as you note above, times changed not for the better there IMHO. Sigh.

  • tomh,

    Although the grandeur of Tivoli is long gone, there are many quaint towns outside of Kobenhavn. And yes, virtually all Danes are fluent in English, particularly in the larger cities.

  • I'm taking the Scandinavian land tour in August (rescheduled twice) and appreciate all the comments.

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    My favorite part of Stockholm is on a quieter end of the island of Djurgården, with the lovely "biodynamic" garden Rosendals Trädgård and its famous bakery straight out of a Swedish home kitchen..

  • Anyone going on the Ponant/Tauck Norwegian Fjords cruise on July 1?

  • Anyone going on the Norwegian fjords cruise on July 8th? Would like to meet you.

  • KJMartin~I am doing this trip NEXT year so any tips would be appreciated. TIA

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