Smog in New Delhi

Those of you who have been to Mew Delhi May remember the smog. It was certainly quite bad when we were there. Fellow travelers thought it was fog, we said no its’s pollution. I was fascinated by the many circling vultures, just their outlines showing through the smoky air



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    The smog in Delhi is very bad. Here are a couple of examples of it during our visit.

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    I worked for Air India on a contract basis for one year. We were based in Bombay (Mumbai), but also covered Madras, Calcutta, Delhi, Goa and all of Asia and Europe, In India at the time they used things that we would no longer consider fuel … as fuel. When the wind is blowing, or it is raining, the air is pretty good. No rain, no wind, it is not.

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    Similar in China. When I was in Beijing, our hotel was 2 blocks from the Forbidden City. Despite being on the 15th floor, we couldn't see it due to smog (although the locals call it fog).

    And here's a puzzler - They changed the name of the city to Beijing, yet their famous disj is still called Peking Duck. Why?

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    The name of the city didn't change, just it's corrupted anglicized version.
    The corrupted versions of dish names tend to stick. The British still have a curry, though Indians would say it's a masala. You'll still find chop suey on some Chinese menus (not so much any more). It is thought to be a corruption of the Cantonese for leftovers. To Mandarin Chinese the dish literally translates as Beijing Roast Duck, even though anglicized menus still use the corrupted name of of the city.

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