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Available return flghts (via Atlanta) depart close to midnight. Your thoughts on leaving after the farwell dinner as opposed to departing well after checkout the next day? Travel to Muscat airport is a little less than an hour and airport asks for arriving 3 hr before departure.


  • We are taking this tour and have yet to book our flights which is unusual. We will book flights for the day the tour ends. Tauck will be fully aware that most flights leave at night and will probably arrange day rooms for people. If not, we will hang out by the pool after checkout. There is no way we will head back to a Pennsylvania winter a day earlier🤪

  • We departed after the farewell reception in Rio several years ago on the Essence of South America tour. We skipped the actual dinner. Our overnight flight departed at 10:30. Otherwise we would have had to checkout at noon the next day, put our luggage in a day room and toured the rest of the day before our late evening departure. My husband was still working and this got us home on a Sunday morning instead of Monday. Several of those on our tour said they wished they had done what we did when we said good bye. You could also take the Gift of Time and have your room the entire next day. It was our first Tauck trip and we did not have that feature.

  • all I'll say is FLY EMIRATES! :))

  • We had a 0245 am departure from Cairo during J&E. With traffic, dist to the airport, and arriving 3hr early, we would have been able to attend the farewell (transfer was at 10:30 pm). We didn't want to be rushed and wanted to do some more touring, so we booked our flight for the next night and had a reasonable wake up and an extra day touring on our own with a private guide. I'd do it that way again.

  • I second Mil’s advice of flying Emirates. You will be treated as if you were royalty.

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