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I am taking my grandchildren and son on the Tanzania, Serengeti and Zanzibar in July. I need to apply for 4 Tanzania visas. Having never done this before should I use visa central or just go through the Tanzania sight? Thank you for any help or suggestions.


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    Those who have done it themselves didn't seem to have any problem. I don't know how it is now, but when first available, the government evisa sites would not save a partially completed application, so make sure you have all the required info at hand before you start. You still must collect all the same data for Visa Central and all they do is submit it just like you would do and charge you. I don't remember, but believe they charged a few hundred $ over the cost of the visa.

    Though most of the responses were from 2019, you can search the forum archives (just use 'Tanzania eVisa') and you will see most agree with my first statement. Here are just a few responses:

    "Thank you again everyone! I love you all! You just saved me over $400! And I'm so happy to learn that some of the sites don't save your info if you need to complete later. So special thanks to Alan S. for that tip that will save me time and frustration!"

    "I used VisaCentral and agree that it was almost as much trouble as doing the whole thing yourself. I just thought it might be “safer. That is probably not the case."

    "On the July 20 Trip.... Kenya and Tanzania EVISAS were surprisingly easy to do. Now, just finalizing the loose ends before the trip. Anyone else on this date?"

    Here is a link to another thread:


    This thread from this year has some additional info:


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    I've had problems with Visa Central twice. If you use them, make sure that you carefully check the visa as soon as you receive it.

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    I have always done our Africa visas on our own … three times. I intend to do them again in a few days.

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    I just got back my e-visa for Tanzania for early July K & T departure, and am now working on Kenya.

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    Hi Terrye
    I did Visa Central, no problem but, about $200 over the e-visa cost.

    Sealord Hi!
    . Question which site did you go to for the Zambia visa? I'm doing Botswana, Zambia & Cape Town. I'm entering through Zambia -Lusaka. so I would need to apply and I've notice there is several different sites.-
    1- /eservices.zambiaimmigration.gov.zm/#/home this is the one I feel is legit.
    Please advise if possible. Thanks

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    I don’t think they had evisas six years ago. The Zambia visa in my passport looks like it came from their embassy. I don’t actually remember the process.

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    Sealord thanks

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    For Mil…when we took the Botswana tour, we got the Zambia visa on arrival which is what Tauck recommend at the time I believe.
    If you can still do it that way and are in business class so you can be near the front of the line, it should not be too much of a wait

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    Yes, get the Zambia visa upon arrival. You can apply for an eVisa but it is not necessary.

    I'm sure it depends, but when we arrived at Livingstone Airport (Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport) on SAA, the other daily flight (BA/Comair) landed right behind us so the lines (just two) for visas got long quickly, so don't dally and hot foot it across the ramp to immigration.

    Also, at the time (2015) and possibly still, one line was for the regular visa while one was for the KAZA UNIVISA, which is good for multi-countries- Zambia, Zimbabwe, etc. and multi-entries. When we arrived the line for the KAZA visa was much, much shorter. We were a few people from the front of the line and it only took us 5 min.to make it to the front and get our visa. (It took longer for our baggage to reach the carousel! :) )

    Since we planned to walk the Victoria Falls Bridge to enter Zimbabwe one afternoon, we had planned to get a double or multi-entry visa anyway. The KAZA UNIVISA was the same price as a single entry visa and cheaper than the double and multiple entry standard visas. It was a no-brainer for us even if we changed our minds and decided not to enter Zimbabwe.

    Link to the official Gov't of Zambia website for info about the types of visas and to start eVisa process: https://www.zambiaimmigration.gov.zm/for-visitors/#1549976998255-88d0a095-85a5

    Link to the official Gov't of Zambia website for info the KAZA UNIVISA: https://www.zambiaimmigration.gov.zm/kaza-univisa/

    Link to the official Gov't of Zambia website for current visa fees "for Visitors":

    Single entry: $50.00
    Double entry: $80.00
    Multiple entry: $150.00
    KAZA UNIVISA: $50.00

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    Thanks! both British & Alan.
    I just want to make sure I will have time to get the visa & luggage on time- I only have a 1 hour 30 min window between Emirates flight arrival and the commuter departure. :)

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    You are a special case- you will be entering Zambia and clearing customs in Lusaka at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport not at Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone. I don't know anything about Lusaka airport, but can't imagine it is too busy either, but you might want to Google it or go to TripAdvisor etc. to see what others say. You are flying Proflight from Lusaka to Livingstone, correct. You might want to contact them to see if they have any guidance. They use pretty small planes and I can't imagine they will be in a big hurry and leave without you if you are delayed getting through formalities.

    In your case I would need to think more about the eVisa route. You have plenty of time to research and think about it.

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    :) hey Alan.. Yes, I'm not easy! You're correct, I'll be flying from Lusaka (new international airport) to Livingstone. I arrive @ 2:35 pm and my Prolight flight departs @ 4:10pm- I'm already researching and it looks like my best options is to do E-visa. I'll have the visa on hand and all I would have to do is get my luggage and on to the next flight. Prolight is taking over most of the BA flights to Livingstone so it's getting pretty popular- great reviews and The airline operates two 50-seater Bombardier CRJ-100/200 jets, three 29-seater Jetstream 41 aircraft and one 18-seater Jetstream 32 aircraft.
    I cannot miss the connection... if I do, it would be so messy-I would loose my pre-night in Livingstone- stay in Lusaka and then flight next day in the tail of the next plane. - like Wilma Flintstone.

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