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This is for British and others who may take this tour. We think it is the best Tauck tour offered yet. I was amongst the people who were disappointed that Hiroshima wasn't included. I see it is now but it is at the expense of less time in Kyoto. We were there four four days and it wasn't long enough. We went to both Nara and Fushimi Inari on our own. Both were spectacular. There is so much more in Kyoto that at some time we will go back for a week. We had two extra days on our own in Tokyo. We still didn't see everything but it is Kyoto that captures your heart. Please consider extending.

Here is a link ( https://youtu.be/SmP-ZacEuKY) to some photos we took of that photogenic country (can you believe we actually forgot to include Fushimi Inari!). The only downer to this tour is that my husband doesn't particularly like Japanese food (more sushi for me) and even insisted eating at McDonalds once.


  • You're so right. This is truly a fabulous tour. Like you, we visited Nara on our own and in the suggestions added that it might be included. Kyoto is just beyond anything else. Thanks for your lovely photos

  • I've rescheduled this tour 3 times, so far, and Japan is still closed to tourists, as of this writing.

  • We are booked on a November tour, but looks like chances of still going ahead are around 50/50. Also, I have a worry that even if it does go ahead the experience might be somewhat diminished if Japan still has strong policies for Covid, for example mask wearing.

    On our plan we are extending our tour at the end in Kyoto for 3 days and also will have a day trip to Nara.

    Personally, I would have preferred the Hiroshima trip to have been optional.

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    We’ve been to Japan twice years ago. We’ve never thought much looking at the original Japan tour offered in the past, but they have improved it. We are going on a two week tour with another company next year, delayed from 2020

  • Robbie B - LOL - Going on both the Japan tour and the China tour prepared us for covid mask wearing! It was common to see masks on anyone from young people to old people whenever they had a cold or some other illness.

    I hope the November tour can happen.

  • I've been to Japan a number of times - mostly on business. For Tokyo, I recommend seeing the Yasukuni shrine just because you often hear about it in the news. It's where many of the Japanese dead of WWII are interred. The other shrine I'd recommend is the Sengakuji Shrine where the 47 Ronin are interred. If you don't know who the 47 Ronin are, you should learn about them before going to Tokyo.

  • Went on this tour a few years back, it was fabulous, was able to get in to see a Kabuki play which was a long ago dream of mine.

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