Effective May 12, 2022, reservations are needed to visit/hike Diamond Head State monument

The title says it all. Well almost - rez not necessary if you have a Hawaii driver's license (but that didn't fit in the title).

If you're planning to do this during free time in Honolulu, be advised.


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    Although we are not going until January, we are aware, and I have a reminder set to book our res 14 days in advance.

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    Living in Tucson, if I was going to Hawaii I'd be spending free time at the beach, on the water, etc. not hiking, even though I know the hikes in Hawaii can be very beautiful. I have beautiful hikes in Tucson, but no ocean. That's just what I'd be doing.

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    edited May 2022

    Sam - To each, his own. Just like I would never live in a place that's too hot 5 months of the year to remain outdoors, and you would never live where it snows, I don't enjoy being catatonic on a beach. Always on the go for me. (edited for typo)

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    BKMD - I agree. Ever tried surfing? You’re always on the go surfing. I tried it once, when I was young. A total failure. 😁

    FYI - I lived where it rained a lot and occasionally snowed for 50 years - Seattle. I hit the slopes of the Cascades on occasion. It’s just that 70 year old bones prefer warmth and 330+ clear days a year.

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    When we lived in Florida all outdoor activities and events were in the winter and in the summer we hibernated in the indoors with AC or were in the pool. Basically the seasons got switched.

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    edited May 2022

    Sam - Never surfed, but windsurfed years ago.

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