July 20 Classic



  • Look forward to your reports, Sealord, especially transiting thru Amsterdam. We will be doing the same in about 60 days, although we will have about a 4-hour layover before connecting to Arusha. Have a great time.

  • jan: I’m curious about your routing if you are actually flying to Arusha airport as some others have done. If you are on KLM you are probably going to Kilimanjaro.

  • Sealord, you are correct. We fly on KLM from ORD to Amsterdam and then into Kilimanjaro airport.

  • Good luck Sealord on your flights.

  • I have to say guys, that if you only have one and a half hours between flights, be sure you have a couple of changes of clothes and suitable shoes in your carry on. Also, be prepared to run to catch your flight In Amsterdam. You only need your incoming flight to be delayed for this to be a marathon sprint to your next gate. This happened to us the first time we took this tour. We did make the flight, we were assured our bags would too, but they didn’t. It is however a common occurrence and the drivers who collect you at the airport will look for other bags the following day when they collect the next group of people. The gates at Amsterdam often have a secondary check at the gate before you are let into the gate area. We have never seen this system anywhere else.Anyway, on our third trip to Tanzania, we avoided that route.

  • We plan to take sufficient clothes In carry on just in case.

  • We have roughly 4 hours between flights in Amsterdam provided our flight from the US is nearly on time. We will still have a change of clothes in our carry-on. Hopefully by the time we go in mid-August, the chaos at the airports will have settled somewhat.

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    Hey Gladys. Is this your Staci? She was hitch hiking to Antarctica.

  • That's her Sealord, she was great.

  • Here are some pictures of my K & T tour last September courtesy of instructions from Alan, thank you again:

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