Israel and Jordan May 5, 2022 Trip Report



  • Yes, there are. This wasn't a sprint down the stairs. Many areas to stop, rest, and take pics, along the way.

  • We were just there in late April/early May. The gardens are magnificent; not to be missed in spite of having to descend over 700 stairs. But, as others have said, there are handrails and places to stop along the way to admire the breathtaking gardens.

  • kfnknfzk - Yes, here are a few shots that show railings and levels. Some looking up and some looking down.

  • Lovely views! Thank you for providing clarification.

  • Thanks to everyone for the comments and spectacular pictures. We have consulted our physicians and they advised we go on this trip but I am not sure they know the difficulty level. We will continue to condition and see if we can go. Any other tips would be appreciated.

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    GeraldC - It isn't necessarily all or nothing.

    The TD can/does make accommodations as necessary. As an example, during our Israel/Jordan tour the TD arranged for one or two people to take a horse drawn carriage on the downward leg when we were at Petra. This was for people that didn't feel comfortable doing the leisurely 1-2 mile walk. The exit from Petra was already a half camel ride and half horse drawn carriage ride.

    The point is the TD will try to make some alternate arrangements, short of you just skipping some activities completely, if you let them know in advance. This isn’t always possible but they try.

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    The Pace level rating for the tour is a 2, and I think that is fair. While there is a significant amount of walking, often on hills, steps and uneven surfaces, the tour is led at a reasonable rate.

    Our TD said that he thinks the toughest walking day is Day 1 in Jerusalem. We walked from the hotel to the Jaffa Gate. We walked up quite a few steps to the gate area, although I think there may have been an elevator. Then up a ramp and steps to the Tower of David. Most of us then walked up steep steps to the top, where there is a great view, and the local guide explained what we were looking at. Some in the group did not walk up to the top. Then we walked through the Old City. There are some steps and inclines. After lunch and Western Wall visit, we had a thorough visit at the Holocaust Museum. A very full day of walking and standing.

    The TD and the local guide were also very concerned about the steps down at the Baha'i gardens, but we went down quite slowly. A couple of people chose to view the gardens from the top and take the bus down.

    When we went to Jerash, two people chose to stay at the resort and enjoy a spa day. One gentleman did make the trip, and upon arrival decided that the walking would be too much for him, so he waited at a cafe. The drive was interesting and I think he enjoyed it.

    As Smiling Sam indicated, there are ways to avoid some of the walking at Petra. They have almost completely done away with the horse carts, although there are a few left. Our TD arranged for 2 from our group to ride a golf cart to the Treasury and back out. They did not continue on to the lunch stop.

    I hope this helps.

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    Lotusgirl - In which hotel did you stay? As I recall, cross the street from the Waldorf, go thru Mamilla Mall, up some stairs, then the Jaffa Gate is across the street. It's 0.4 miles, per google maps:,+שער+יפו,+Jerusalem‭/Waldorf+Astoria+Jerusalem,+Gershon+Agron+St+26-28,+Jerusalem,+9419008,+Israel/@31.777432,35.2227499,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x150329f0b3d53f99:0xe5465411ab2ee811!2m2!1d35.2276381!2d31.7766092!1m5!1m1!1s0x150329d3dc03559f:0xe8536e10d92ae82f!2m2!1d35.2220485!2d31.7774033!3e2

    GeraldC - You'll enjoy the Dead Sea. There's 5% more oxygen in the air there, being ~1500 ft below sea level.

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  • BKMD - thank you for pointing this out. We did stay at the Waldorf. The walk to and through the mall seemed longer to me. I will edit my previous post.

  • Lotusgirl - You were probably distracted with your window shopping :)

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