How many days prior to departure does Tauck pay for the air tickets


  • I think it is about thirty days out.

  • does anyone know an average cost of flight from east coast use to porto?

  • windi - Very easy to determine. Just go to a website like Expedia, put in your dates, class of service and other key info and you’ll get costs.

  • I just looked at windi's acct and it lists few discussions or comments but 10 spam flags. Probably best to just ignore.

  • Claudia - spam flags aren't necessarily an indication of anything, as its usefulness has been polluted by a couple of idiots.

    On flights subject, I prefer google flights. I find it the most accurate and quickest.

  • With regard to my replies to windi; Why must people depend on this forum for basic info that is readily available at the push of a button? Weather? Airlines? It’s all there and if you can access the forum you can certainly use a browser.

  • If you don’t like the question, you don’t have to respond.

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    Oh dear, oh dear. If you look at windi’s profile, they joined a couple of years ago but hasn’t posted, that’s all. They probably won’t again.after the replies 😒

  • edited June 2022

    I use Kayak, though sometimes it does not include all airlines. Some people are truly clueless, have never planned their own travel. As a kid I helped plan my family's itineraries lol.

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