bear spray

I have been following a Facebook group, unrelated to Tauck, for Glacier National Park, all sorts of questions and comments. BEAR SPRAY is a frequent topic. Does anyone know if we need Bear Spray, or do we not do anything that adventurous with Tauck, or does Tauck provide the Bear Spray (repellent)?
Looking forward to our much delayed trip to Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies on July 6th!


  • Seriously? In the farthest stretch of the imagination, I can't believe Tauck would ever put you in a situation where you would need bear spray.

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    I’ve been to Glacier National Park several times. Never even considered bringing bear spray. Walk in a big group and be loud

  • When we took the tour years ago, there were bears on the trail areas of Lake Louise. We were told to only walk in bigger groups, but no bear spray,.in reality you would be too scared to be fishing for the spray.

  • You don’t not need bear spray. That’s just unbearable.

  • Okay guys, stop beating up on amyzng. Better to ask a question than be like the idiots that ignore park signs not to get too close to the animals then end up getting hurt or worse.

  • We were on this trip pre pandemic in July 2019. The only bear sighting we had was a mangy looking black bear we saw from the bus. Hiking solo into the back country is not recommended.

    Same goes in Canada.

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    As with JohnS, the only bears we saw were from the bus. On an early morning walk within the perimeter of Jasper Park Lodge, a very kind park ranger escorted me back to the hotel because of a bear sighting. He had spotted the bear far away from the hotel but was just being cautious.

  • We saw two grizzlies from our bus on this trip. And while at the Chateau Lake Louise, we saw a grizzly with her two cubs each morning on the hill behind the hotel eating dandelions. A ranger was present each time and a rope defined how close we could get. Everyone was respectful of the space which allowed us wonderful viewing.

  • The other creature you want to treat with some wariness are the buffalo. We were camping in Yellowstone around Labor Day one year and saw lots of buffalo males on their own because they'd been kicked out by bigger males. You wouldn't believe the number of idiots who would walk up close to get a picture of them. Give wild creatures lots of room and right of way.

  • Jun 1, 2022

    A 25-year-old woman from Ohio was injured after being gored by a bison and tossed 10-feet in the air at Yellowstone National Park, park officials said. According to a news release, the woman approached the bison within 10 feet Monday morning, and two other people were within 25 yards of the animal.

  • They do all that just for a picture! I guess I’m on a snarky mood today.

  • A few days after our Yellowstone stay a kid got attacked by a buffalo near Old Faithful. Our campsite was in the middle of an Elk harem and it was Sep. We had females walk right up to our rig uncaring of our dog and the male bugling regularly though he didn't get near. Was quite interesting.

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