Considering Grand Alaska tour, couple of questions to help me decide.

  1. Regarding the Princess Ship cabins. If you choose a premium cabin ie. Suite will I also be entitled to the suite amenities that the Princess web site shows for the cabin category I am staying in?
  2. On embarkation in Vancouver what is the earliest time I could expect to be able to arrive at the Vancouver airport?
  3. Looking at flight schedules to the US East coast, a lot of them show departures in the afternoon. If debarkation from the ship is before noon time and no other personal arrangements were made, are we transported to the airport and make do with a long layover until our evening departure. Wasn’t sure Tauck provided any other arrangements for guests who have late evening departures.


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    You know, I don’t know and we leave for this tour in a couple of weeks….I’m more concerned that we test positive getting off the ship and get put into Canadian quarantine which is a totally different think to the testing for the US that got dropped.

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    I saw a Vancouver headline recently that said "British is coming, British is coming!" Now I know why. :D

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    😂so far, still Covid free….here’s hoping. Anyway, I’ve been to Vancouver before and they haven’t banned me!

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    British, will you be sailing on the HMS Petri Dish?

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    Haha! It depends how many others there are around who think masks aren’t for them. I think Princess have reinstated masks and when we are in the National parks they are also supposed to be mandatory. Yes, it depends on the ignorance and disobedience of our fellow travelers.

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    Back to the original questions;

    Regarding amenities, if you look at the cabin descriptions on the Tauck webstie (go to the deck maps and then to cabins), you will see the amenities that are included. If that's what you're referring to then, yes. If you're referring to some special booking package that Princess offers, then no.

    Per the Tauck itinerary, your flight should depart after 11:00am.

    Not sure on the transfers. We stayed a night in Vancouver and left the next day. As I remember, they generally took people straight to the airport or people who stayed walked to the hotel. If you stay an extra night, they will provide a transfer to correspond with your flight. Not sure if you have a late flight on disembarkation day if the hotel will store your luggage and you'll get a later transfer. You'll have to ask Tauck on that one (you could ask when you book).

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