New Covid Infections on Trip



  • I guess we’ll all need to start packing extra socks in our carryons. I was unaware of this new Covid handling process. 😊

  • British, that is incredible blowing her nose on her socks, wow all those germs.

  • Gives new meaning to "hoof and mouth disease" :D:D:D You should have loaned her your sleeve. :o

  • Business class travel has lost a certain cachet.

  • It’s not the “cachet”. It’s the comfort.

  • BSP51, true, but you have to admit the nose-blowing into a sock incident has to be a new low.

  • Yes. A low blow! 🤪

  • We are three couples on our next Tauck trip next month. Everyone must be vaccinated and boosted. Unvaccinated children must be tested. Other than that, I can see no testing requirements anywhere for anything. If you don’t do a pre-stay on this trip, you go from the airport to the boat … no mention of testing. If that remains to be the case, it will be our second trip in a row with no testing. I am fairly certain, however, that there will be some masking requirements.

  • Princess requires testing, I don’t think the River boats do.

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