too long?

wondering if it is just too long? should I consider India's Golden Triangle? looks like difference is staying in southern resort and Kochi. rest is very similar.


  • Yes, that is correct. We could only do what Tauck now call the Golden Triangle as three weeks was too long when Mr B was still working. Apparently southern India is a more wealthy part and more for relaxation on tour than major site seeing

  • Cathy, our current TD had taken that tour and said it is wonderful. The hotels are in the valleys and elevation is not to high, so we may consider it in the future if the tour we had in mind without Nepal does not work out.

  • We did the three three week tour and loved it. Given how far away it is, I say super size your trip.

  • wondering if it is just too long? should I consider India's Golden Triangle?

    amyols. The Portrait of India tour was not too long in my opinion, The time allowed you to get a good snippet of the many facets of India. The down time in Kerala was wonderful. The resort was beautiful. It was the only time I had the opportunity to really enjoy the beautiful properties Tauck uses without forgoing scheduled activities. The Spa is one of the best! Mil The spa offers authentic Ayurvedic massages.

    I am waitlisted for the 2023 India-Nepal trip (single room). It is also 18 days. I appreciate that it includes Delhi and Agra--I can't get enough of those places. Varanasi was so very special, but it is something I never need to experience again in life. Those visuals and memories will last a lifetime. It was sensory overload - in fact all of India was an assault on all the senses. cathyandsteve...I would love your feedback on your upcoming India-Nepal tour.

    I would highly recommend the comprehensive Portrait of India tour; however, If time doesn't allow, the Golden Triangle is a good compromise.

  • The Portrait of India tour was wonderful it was my last travel before Covid in 2019, the 3 weeks plus extra days I booked did not seem to be enough at the time.

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