Spain and Portugal - Aug 30

Our first trip with Tauck! Question for those who have recently been on this tour…In Seville I have a very general description of the two days there. I specifically want to see the Royal Alcazar (also known as Real Alcazar) which does not seem to be part of our time there. I’m planning to purchase tickets on my own if that’s the case, but would love to confirm that this is not part of the tour. AND if anyone has been there and thinks my time would be better spent elsewhere I’d welcome suggestions. I understand I’ll receive a detailed itinerary closer to departure, but the tickets are limited for Royal Alcazar. Thank you.


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    We went in 2019. Although the tour has changed since then, we did go to the Alcazar. It was part of the tour with the cathedral. They didn't list the Alcazar in the itinerary at that time, just like the current itinerary. Why Tauck doesn't list it specifically is a mystery.

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    The Alcazar was included when we did this tour in 2015. The tour remains our favorite European land tour. It is a fabulous trip. I hope you are fortunate to have Patricia H. as your director. Enjoy!

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    We did the tour in 2014 with Patricia H as the TD.

    The Alcazar is worth a visit, if not included in your tour.

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    the Royal Alcazar it's a most, I cannot imagine Tauck not taking the group there... a visit to Sevilla without it is a waste of time. It is one of the main attractions.
    I have noticed that Tauck gives a general lecture about ea. area but does not give specifics , lately it's till you get the final itinerary that you really know what's included... which by then if the tour has changes ( these are now mostly due to lack of personal everywhere in the world at all levels, not Tauck) not to your liking it becomes an issue even worst if you have bought your air tickets. I wish Tauck would do and attachment to each day to see what's really included on the visit

    Hi, I have done 8 or 9 Tauck tours.. you are in excellent hands- no complains and they always have a surprise for you.
    be confident you'll have a great trip, but do remember they are also going through a unprecedented times for the travel industry.. they will always do their best and you'll love Tauck as we all do.

    AlanS, Sealord maybe you guys can suggest Tauck about the xtra or detailed info. :))

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    We will be visited the Alcazar palace in November on a river cruise.

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    We're scheduled for May, 2023.

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    BTW, we had Tauck change our connecting flight -- it was formerly an hour between Madrid and Porto, but that seemed a rush to get from Terminal 4S to T4 and passport control.

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