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I spent some time tracking down accurate information about Tricare for Life and if it applies globally. The short answer is yes, it does. For medical emergencies In countries like Africa, it is better to go to a military base like Mandasa, Manda Bay or possibly Wajir. But, you can use whatever medical assistance that is available. You pay and submit for reimbursement when you get home. I got all that information by speaking to Tricare for Life on the telephone- 866-773-0404.

Even better than that information, I found a website with a contact link ( They responded to my questions quickly. Page 9 of the attachment is the most applicable document. This is the email they sent me:

USARMY Sembach MEDCOM RHC-E Mailbox TEOWeb TAO-EA [email protected]

Attachments7:13 AM (2 hours ago)
to me

Good Morning/Afternoon.

Thank You for contacting the TRICARE Overseas Area Office Eurasia-Africa.

When beneficiaries are traveling they usually request a signed TRICARE Coverage Letter from our office for their record or meet the countries requirement to prove they have medical insurance.

If you would like the coverage letter please provide your DODID and country you are visiting so we can generate a letter to send to your email.

This is correct you will have to pay upfront and then request reimbursement. Save invoice and payment receipt.

Please know Medicare will not cover you while overseas for TRICARE for Life receiving a care overseas $150 per person or $300 for the family deducible plus 25% of remaining charges. The CAP is $3000 per calendar year.

In Africa quality medical care may be limited, you would reach out to International SOS the overseas to assist with Healthcare finder 877-562-9228 is not a toll-free number that can be dialed from the U.S.

Also, please see attached TRICARE information to help with additional questions.

The TRICARE Overseas Program handbook, TRICARE Covered Service Fact Sheet, and TFL Cost-sheet which provide further information regarding coverage under the TRICARE benefit that many of our beneficiaries use in conjunction with the signed Coverage letter when applying for visa and resident permits.

Note if these items do not meet the country's requirement you may need to purchase additional healthcare coverage to meet their requirement.

TRICARE Overseas Program Specialist (TOPS)/Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA)
Sembach, Germany

Please note the TRICARE Area Office Eurasia-Africa is located in Germany and not a 24/7 operation


  • Sounds difficult for a sudden emergency health situation, not even available 24/7. $3000 wont cover much. Are you think of this instead of Tauck insurance?

  • I think the $3000 is an out of pocket maximum.

  • I believe the $3000 "cap" is the max you'd have to pay per year in deductables, etc not the maximum of medical care paid for.

    I found this useful since we're TFL beneficiaries along with our Medicare advantage plan which covers nothing overseas. For the 4 flaggers, this is important travel information for some of us. Please remove your flag.

    Thanx Carabeth

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