London Paris upcoming Jacket???

Hi, I am seeing different answers to whether or not a jacket for men at dinner is required for the London Paris Seine river cruise departing on August 17. Any information would be helpful...Jacket for dinner quite bulky to pack! L


  • I assume you mean the Week in London and Paris land tour. If so the Packing list for that tours says jacket and tie optional.

    If it's a different tour then you'll have to go to the website page for that tour and review it's packing list.

  • took this trip in June. did not take a jacket. Maybe 40% of the men wore one. Nice slacks and shirts will do, even for the chateau dinner which has cocktails outside, dinner inside with no a/c

  • Plucy - You are new to the Forum so you probably are unaware that there are Categories for the discussions. If you create a thread of discussion like you did here (London Paris upcoming Jacket???) you should place it in the the proper Category. In your case placing it in the Seine Category is probably appropriate vs the Announcements Category that you placed it in. Doing this could result in more responses to your question.

  • Plucy. France like a lot of Europe has a terrible heat wave at the moment and Paris is almost always hot in August, there is not always air conditioning. Same in Britain. Bear that in mind with your decisions

  • Thank you and my apologies for using the incorrect category.

  • Plucy - It's only in hopes of getting more responses that it makes sense to place a discussion topic in the most appropriate category. As you will find out as you become a Forum veteran, that even though you place a discussion topic in the most appropriate category the discussions will often diverge from the original topic.

    As an example of how a topic can diverge.

    Let's say someone reads your discussion topic and sees a mention of 'Jacket for dinner'. They decide to respond with a post like, I've found you can get really good travel jackets at 'TBD'. Before you know it your discussion thread has diverged from your questions to a discussion of travel shopping.

    This is just an example, but if you examine old threads you will see that a divergence from the original topic/questions happens a lot.

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