Moulin Rough

We are thinking of seeing the show at the Moulin Rough. Has anyone seen it, and is it worth seeing?
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  • Quite a few years ago (approx 2003), dinner and show were included as the Tauck farewell dinner. Large table, primarily groups, food was just ok. While an interesting experience, the entertainment reminded me of a Vegas show. To be frank, I did not like it.

  • Don’t go!

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    My niece went this summer. She’s in her 30’s . She said they packed the people in. She didn’t enjoy it

  • Notorious tourist trap.

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    I've never heard any good reviews of a Moulin Rouge event. They're just selling the name.

  • I think you would enjoy wandering the Monmartre neighborhood instead.

  • I agree with Gourmet Gal. We always wander Montmartre when we are in Paris.

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