Less Christmas Lights in Europe this year at the Christmas Markets

After waiting 3 years to go on this trip and the Xmas Markets canceling the last 2 years - here is more disappointing news for those of us going to the Xmas Markets. I totally understand the reasoning behind it & realize this is absolutely a first world problem, and we are grateful we have the opportunity to travel with a high-end company like Tauck- BUT, this does 'sting' a little bit - Vienna is marvelous at Christmas & we so wanted our friends traveling with us (who have never been) to see the amazing lights on the Ring & elsewhere. Travel seems to be forever changed on SO many levels & for SO many reasons.



  • I understand how disappointing this is for you, terrilynn, but I applaud your attitude and the need for Vienna to do this. I suspect there will be ripple effects beyond Vienna and Austria. Nonetheless, I hope you and your friends have a marvelous time.

  • Wow. I wonder what the response will be in other market cities? At least the Vienna market itself will have lighting. Germany and France could have similar responses for Rhine XMAS Mkt cities. Only time will tell.

  • Like everything else, let’s hope things get better before then and gas flows again.

  • If the XMAS Markets are forced to be dark, at least there will still be a lot of castles and cathedrals to see. 😀

  • Our travel images, both digital and mental, are becoming increasingly more valuable. I will always remember London in December, an amazing experience.

  • This is sad news and we'll definitely miss the beautiful lighting displays. But Vienna is still a beautiful city and I'm so glad to visit there again.

  • I assume they will use LED lights which use a LOT less power than the older incandescents. I hope they will be given a power budget and will be allowed to work within that budget. People are ingenious and they might come up with some really interesting effects.

  • I converted my entire house to LED’s.

  • We also are doing the Christmas Markets on the Danube with friends for whom it will be a first river cruise. We’ve done the Rhine before at Christmas. We’re spending 2 days ahead in Vienna and I know it will still be a glorious time even with diminished lighting.

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