Singapore Business class seating.

Bulkhead or Std business - Any preference.? I do want a window seat and have no need for xtra leg room.
I'll be flying A350-900 direct flight Seattle-Singapore 16h., then Denpasar-Singapore as tour ends... (back home) Singapore. -Seattle 16h.
Appreciated any suggestion.


  • mil...Standard Biz on Singapore Airlines is great. I'm 5'2--no need for xtra legroom. The Qatar A350-900 has the Q-Suite. I've only flown the A380-800 on Singapore Airlines--so cannot comment on seat.

  • In general, I'm not a fan of bulkhead. Though it's usually not an issue in biz , but no under-seat storage and overhead bin space directly above you might be limited.

    Also, you're close to the bathrooms and/or galley, so more light, chatty flight attendants, and interruptions likely, which could interfere with sleep.

  • I agree with BKMD. is a useful reference when it comes to seat choices.

  • PureL. HI!
    Std Biz sounds fine to me too also 5'2 if I haven't started to shrink. :) I'm not a Spring Chicken anymore.... The only difference I see it's the STD have the leg rest on a side- vertical. which the Bulkhead has it straight in front. so, no need to sleep on a side.

  • BKMD hi.
    You do have a great fact... about the seat location. Bathrooms are not the thing you want close to your seat and the service stations are loud. and smelly. Uhmm... something to consider.

  • Windy01 Hi.
    I love seatguru, it helps a lot.

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