Review of Cruising the Great Lakes

I was continuing my review when a box popped up and said something about moderation. My report is now gone. I'm not starting again. I'll do a very abbreviated summary later in the week.


  • Kfnknfzk – I saw your report and just glanced at it and was going to go back and read it later. It was gone. :/

    I usually compose any posts in MS Word and then copy and paste. It saves a lot of hassle when trying to recreate the post if there are any errors. You can use any word processor or text editor. I had this same pop up about moderation several months ago and I believe it was some issue with the forum software.

  • This happened once before and I was able to recover it on my own. It was too wordy anyway. I'll wait to see if it comes back. I have contacted Tauck's IT in the past and have always been ignored, especially since Tim is no longer there.

  • You are so sweet. It was starting to read like a soap opera.

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    Possible reasons for moderation: exceeding the character limit, incompatible html or Markdown code, hiccup in the server, 5 flags or moderator initiated intervention. If a post "disappears" also check your "Drafts."

  • Too tired to start again. I'll abbreviate it and post later in the week. You will love the story about the inebriated guest with roaming hands. I will probably private message you the details on that one. My husband wound up in the infirmary trying to protect me. He is fine. Tough old guy at 98! Good night for now.

  • Kfnknfzk - Why pm a juicy story. We all deserve the deets.

  • Kfnknfzk - I saw your original review. It was well written and beautifully organized and formatted. It's a shame it glitched into oblivion. Maybe I should call it American formatting, as opposed to British formatting. :)

    Suggestion to everyone who writes a longish post - do it in Word or Wordpad first, then copy/paste it into the forum.

  • I was looking forward to your review. The same happened to my review of N. Spain. I emailed IT and in a few days they re-posted it said I had marked it as spam (?). A few days later while correcting a typo, poof, gone again! I emailed them and they re-posted it. Just to be sure I cut and pasted it onto a new review. Hope we see yours again!

  • When this happened to me on post several months back, the post did not go into oblivion until I went back and tried to edit the post. I had the post on Word so it was easy to go back and recreate it.

  • BKMD - Thank you for the very kind words. I prefer to call it Danish formatting. I still remember composition class in Denmark and America. Sadly, I don't think it is taught anymore. Be kind, however. Everyone has their own style, background and educational attainment level.

    BSP51 - You're funny. I will relay the story later, but I can assure you my comments made to the man are not going to sit well with some herein. I don't want my entire review flagged.

    Folsomdoc - Thanks. I saw your review but have not read it yet. I will send IT a note. I know my post is out there somewhere.

    cathyandsteve - What can I say? You're the best!

  • kfnknfzk...I missed your initial (missing) review. I am sure it was wonderful ;) but bottom line....was it a recommendable trip?

  • rssherms - Overall, I was disappointed and did not believe the trip was worth the price.

  • BKMD and KFNKNFZK. Thank you for your unkind comments!!!

  • kfnknfzk - thanks and sorry to hear that. There are time we would love to do a tour that doesn't involve a long international I am always hoping for some more U.S. tours!

  • The US tours always see, so expensive in comparison to foreign tours. But I’ve enjoyed those I have been on apart from one very poor TD

  • Unkind???

  • You said this…. Sadly, I don't think it is taught anymore. Be kind, however. Everyone has their own style, background and educational attainment level.
    Is that just snooty or unkind, you know, I’m well educated and I can’t decide. Being educated is not all about how you express yourself in writing, you know because I am supposedly uneducated I m not sure whether what you said is called being passive aggressive or not. Can any educated people out there tell me?

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    kfnknfzk, I am often behind reading here, bur enjoyed your 1st installment yesterday & was looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip. Hope your text magically reappears. I have taken only a few US Tauck tours; don't think anyone expects a bargain w/Tauck; can always do a version on your own for much less $$, but of course a different (though more relaxing!) experience, Sorry this was not your best outing. Perhaps it's time for Tauck to rein in a bit and focus; just a thought. I have found other companies have more specialized TDs.

  • Yes, British, that is what I said. You chose to take it out of context. You chose to think I was referring to you. How you choose to react to a benign comment is out of my control but is totally within your control. It's your decision.

  • MarketArt -

    Thanks. I have requested that Tauck look into it. Actually I thought of you in Toronto when I visited the Bata Shoe Museum...a very quirky little place that was fun and informative. Just to clarify, the museum was quirky, not you!

  • My review is back! I'll work on it later and tomorrow.

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    Yes, I've enjoyed that museum..Toronto also hosts an annual Tea Festival during the frigid season. And I see the review has returned under Impressions...

  • We’ve taken quite a few trips with Tauck and have signed up for the GREAT LAKES in ‘24. I hope that it has improved, with the feedback that they have received.. we are looking for a relaxing trip, our first in the US with Tauck. We’ve been on 2 other Ponant ships with Tauck, so we know what to expect. If anyone has been recently to the GREAT LAKES your comments would be appreciated.

    As an aside to British…. In 2019 You were very helpful to me in the forum before we did the Tanzania trip. You kindly responded to some of my questions. THANK YOU. Happy Travels in the future.

  • BKent - My experience with the Great Lakes tour was very much an anomaly. You can read the entire review under.....Impressions of Cruising the Great Lakes. I must say, however, that even if all had been stellar, I would probably have the same thoughts about the Ponant ship experience. I simply was not impressed with the ship and its amenities. My opinion.

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