Using a travel agent

There has been much discussion here on the forum about the need to use travel agents. There seems to be a fifty fifty split.
We have never used an agent until a few months ago when we booked a tour with friends via a British travel agent. This morning we got this from them
‘ I know you have US passports, but what are your nationalities?’ Oh, my goodness, this is an agency that specializes in bespoke vacations too….and they don’t realize if you have a US passport, then you must be a US National. This is not the first time they have organized the same type of trip for our group. Yikes, help, hope the other arrangements are OK!


  • There are clueless people in every field.

  • Is that a trick question? Maybe it was referring to people who have dual citizenship and multiple passports. I’m just guessing.

  • I have dual citizenship. I decided to keep my Irish passport up to date.

    We are extremely happy with our TA. She is very helpful and offers us lots of support when we need it.

  • I also use a travel agent. I’m in California and my true blue travel agent is in Florida. She is one of the owners of a national travel agency, Tzell.

  • I have dual citizenship, but I gave the info of my US passport, either way, you can’t have an American passport unless you are American

  • Maybe you should find a different TA. We always book with a travel agent and have never had any issues.

  • No choice for this trip. A cheap and cheerful river cruise with friends.

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