Namibia anyone?

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Not sure what happen to my previous post...
Basically, I'm trying to push the Namibia Safari tour, which I have heard Tauck is considering....
I have friends and family members that have been there and they say it's amazing!
Some images from Etosha National park

Acommodations like:
Kulala Wilderness Reserve, Namibia



So, if you are interested just sign your name , we might get enough momentum..and this could be the next new Safari for 2024... :)

I'm in, Mil.


  • I would love to visit Namibia.

  • Noreen, Hi
    Hope you're doing well. I'm just letting you know TAUCK, added Namibia to their Sout Africa Tours. It will start next 2024.
    I already booked.
    Have a great weekend.

  • Very intriguing, but we are booked through 2024. If our health holds up, perhaps the following year.

  • Mil - Thank you so much for letting me know about Namibia as we would love to go there. I just checked and 2025 is not available to book right now but hopefully it will in the future. 2024 would not work as we have four trips booked. Again, thank you!

  • I have a reservation on hold for 10/1/2024 along with 2 friends and maybe another couple will join us. I had to urgently abort a solo guided trip in 2/2020 due to a dire family emergency, and then of course Covid hit. I am a solo traveler but hope to go with 2 couples who are former work colleagues.

  • milmil
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    Jill Boyle great! I'm going solo- It's my therapy.-
    Check out on YouTube all the videos of Namibia. - Etosha is the National Park, where all the animals are in Big #'s. amazing destination , great photographic tour.
    Have a great weekend.

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    If you look at the map of Namibia, it has an arm that reaches out towards Victoria Falls (close, but doesn't get all the way to Victoria Falls). I'll be heading to Victoria Falls soon and will have brief contact with Namibia. I'll be able to say that I've been to Namibia :)

  • @MikeHenderson ….I think Botswana borders part of Namibia as well. When we were there a few years back we stopped at a river and the guide said the other side was Namibia. So close, yet so far!!

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    Yes, Botswana is across the Chobe River from the east part of that arm of Namibia.

    But all of the west side of Botswana borders Namibia.

  • Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia all almost meet in the middle of the Zambezi River at the new Kazangula bridge. The Chobe River which meets the Zambezi at that point forums the border between Botswana and Namibia for most of its length.

  • As far as scenery goes, Namibia is my favorites African country.

  • Mil - I've decided to go to Namibia in 2024.   I found back-to-back trips that would work for us.  One is South Africa that begins in Cape Town on 14 June to June 25.  Then we would fly to Namibia and begin this trip on June 25.  This way I would save money on insurance and business class air.  It will be a very busy travel year but we are not getting younger and time is not on our side.

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    Noreen Congrats! that sounds great and I'm glad you decided to go.. Like British mentioned it looks like the scenery it's Amazing.
    I'm trying to find out if Tauck it's going to surprise us with an air Ballon ride. "Namib Sky Balloon Safaris" super popular. if they don't, I will do it on my own, it looks incredible.
    Also, the Heli. ride to the Sandwich Harbour, it's another most. :)

    You Tube has great videos on Namibia.

    Have a lovely day.

  • I can not wait to read reviews on this one. We want to go on a Tauck African Safari, but, at this point, can only afford ONE trip - so we are trying to decide which one out of all of them to do. I'd love to take my brother also, so we will be paying for 3 of us (my brother has never traveled due to a mild handicap and this has always been on his bucket list.)

  • Has anyone looked at the flights to get to and from Windhoek Airport in Namibia? Most of the flights I saw change in Frankfurt , which may mean the diabolical Luftansa ( no live bodies to speak with in the USA. Only "Flight Assist ". ) I see that Ethiopian Airlines goes there as well ( 2 stops to get back to the USA, with one stop on the way over ( at least from Washington DC) . Thanks.

  • Terrilynn, I would recommend Kenya/Tanzania for the very first time to Africa.

  • When we went we used British airways to Jo’burg and the tour started there, the company flew us to Windhoek. I’m not sure what flights there are these days. It’s quite a small city, the entire country is the least populated for area, except Antarctica, so your choices are not big.

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