French escapade august 2024 is booked!

I noticed while we were in India that the 2024 dates had been released. So I booked it today.


  • Cathy I'm planning Namibia 2024 w/wout Tauck- who ever comes first.

  • cathyandsteve-we’re taking this trip in April of 2023, I’ll try to remember to post a review.

  • cathyandsteve … GOT was never discontinued. You have to book by a certain time to receive it. This year it was by July 31, I believe. They extended it a bit, we booked this trip for 2023 on 8/3 and they gave it to us.

  • Does anyone have any photos of the category 6 rooms on Ms. Emerald?

  • Cathy, USA today did a photo shoot in the Emerald right after the redesign in 2018. If you Google "usatoday Tauck" it should come up with a link to an article and a slide show. Cat 6 cabins pictures start at about #36. The decor - curtains, carpet, etc - might be different if they've done a refresh. We love the Cat 6. Have had it twice.

  • thank you so much Claudia! and Alan!
    We booked 211....the same room we had on the espirit back in 2017...but both ships have been renovated and the rooms have changed.

    We are sure looking forward to this trip. We have been to France but not to Paris and we are extending the trip at the end and flying to Geneva Switzerland for a couple of days.

  • Alan, thanx for the link. I was on my tablet last night and it's too hard to copy links on it. That is the article I was referring to that shows details of the big ship redesign back in 2017/2018.

    Cathy, were you on the Espirit before the redesign i.e. in a 150 sqft cabin? Our very first cruise was the Emerald in cabin #207 which then was 150 sqft. We were on the Sapphire the first year it had gone thru the redesign in #205. In 2019 we were in it again on the Treasures and Espirit (the ship swap on our Budapest to Amsterdam cruise). Friends we met on the Sapphire were in a Cat 7 suite but when we all cruised together in 2019 they took #206 having decided the suite was sort of wasted on them.

    As far as I've heard there hasn't been any major changes since 2017/18 though I'd expect they probably have updated soft furnishings and some items like adding the water bottle fill stations, etc. One of the things I love in those cabins now is the 3 drawer dresser that gives some handy counter space and the drawers are a nice size. I do kind of wish they'd do away with the table and chairs and replace them with one comfortable arm chair. It's not like were going to get room service for meals to eat at the table. For us it just collects "stuff". It's probably useful for people that bring their laptop and need a place to work.

  • Claudia...yes we were in the Espirit 150 sq. ft cabin so this will indeed be a treat since it is now 225 sq ft.

    We do bring our laptop so the table will come in handy for us. I have to say...looking through the photos on the link Alan looks like the renovation improved things greatly. I was looking through the photos of cabin 211 in 2017 compared to after 2017 and the entire ship looks more luxurious.

    I am certain we will be happy.

    Again thanks for your is greatly appreciated.

  • When we booked our first Tauck cruise the Scylla ships had this gold and crimson red decor. Very Victorian boudoir vibe. Was so glad that before the cruise started they did a refresh that toned it down to beige. By far their prettiest ship is the Andorinha. Scylla needs to have whoever did the decor for that ship to do all their others.

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