Nile Cruise--Port or Starboard Side of River Boat?

Hello, We are considering going on the Egypt-Jewels of the Nile Tauck Trip. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding which side of the boat is preferable? Port (Left) or Starboard (Right)? The cruise travels from Luxor to Aswan. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    I do not think there was any difference. We docked on both sides.

    We did choose a forward cabin based upon research suggesting that riverboats are sometimes noisy in the rear because of the engines. I did not, however, hear any complaints about engine noise.

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    We were on the port side (best I can remember) and I don't remember any problems. But I don't think there's much difference.


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    Thank you.

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    It doesn't matter scenery-wise (360 degree views from the top deck, though not much to see). I recommend the east side, so you don't have to close your drapes to block the hot afternoon sun.

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    You first need to realize that you will be headed south- and therefore upstream. Regardless of the side of the Nile where the boat is docked, it always docks with the bow (front) headed into the current. Unlike the J&E where the boat travels from Aswan to Luxor and must turn around before docking, your boat will just pull into the dock. The Temple of Horus at Edfu is on the west bank of the Nile. Kom Ombo and Luxor are on the east bank.

    While Oberoi has their own docking spots, it is always possible that your boat may be rafted- tied up to another boat which itself is tied to the dock or another boat may be rafted outboard of your boat.

    With the exception of the temple of Kom Ombo which is literally just over a 100 yards from the river bank you will not dock close to the other two temples- river boats can no longer dock along the Cornish in Luxor (you will be a short bus ride north or south of the Cornish and Luxor temple.) The Temple of Horus at Edfu is several blocks inland- you will ride a bus there (unless they start using horse carts again).

    There are stretches of river where all you see is sand, dunes, sandy hillside, or a narrow agricultural green-belt. You best views will be from the sun deck.

    Finally, you really won't spend much time in your cabin, other than to sleep.

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    Thank you for that thoughtful response.

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    Photos from the sun deck.

    North end of Elephantine Island in Aswan. Looking west at the Mausoleum of the Agha Khan and the cliffside tombs of the nobles:

    Twin temples of Kom Ombo (before we turn 180° to dock)

    Zahra with a Jewels tour was already docked at Edfu when our boat (Philea) arrived.

    View looking eastward, somewhere south of Luxor:

    Getting closer to Luxor- looking northwest towards the Thebean hills in the distance

    While docked in Luxor, looking west towards the necropolis and hills of Thebes at sunrise

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    Hi - silly question perhaps - do y'all recall laundry service aboard the Zahra? Leaving next week!

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    mazalea - Yes! Due to my limited wardrobe from Air Canada losing my luggage (not returned until 2 weeks after I got home), I did laundry twice on the Zahra. Reasonably priced (for a boat or hotel) and they did a good job. IIRC, standard service required notifying them by 7 PM for next day return. There was a more expensive express option, as well.

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    Hi Mazalea! Have a fabulous time. Such an amazing trip.

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