Jewels of the Nile Feb 5; 2023



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    And when we were on this tour, the 1902 restaurant was booked for a large event, so they set up our group outside and we could order off of both of the other restaurant menus. Service was fine at our table of 4 and the other small tables, and poor at one large table. Obviously, no jackets needed. We did walk into the 1902 to check it out. Very nice. And we enjoyed the pictures in the corridors leading to the restaurant.

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    Food at the 1902 was horrible.

  • mil - tell us how you really feel :)

  • I am considering the Jewels Of the Nile tour. I am curious to know from those who have completed the tour whether both the Luxor and Karnak temple complexes are included on this tour.

  • Yes - both are included in the tour.

  • Thank you Lotusgirl!

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