Food on Portrait of India

This may seem like a ridiculous question, but- is it possible to get western type food on the POI tour? Love Indian spices, but they don’t love me. I am starting to get cold feet and GERD just thinking about 3 weeks of Indian food….
Thank you.


  • MotherofPoodles Yes, you can definitely get western food on this tour. Please know you can ask the restaurant to adjust the spice level. I love Indian food but my stomach can't tolerate to much "heat". I took this tour December 2018 and I'm taking the Northern India/Nepal tour December 2023.
    This is a great will keep you very busy all the way to the end. You will enjoy the downtime in Kerala--total relaxation. Don't forget to pack your bathing suit.

  • MotherOfPoodles

    I did this tour in 2018. I don't recall what all the food possibilities were, but for sure there weren't meals with only 'knock your socks off' hotness.

    It really is a great tour and it would be a shame if the disagreement with Indian food discouraged you from going. It's likely they can work with you if you inform the TD of your food desires as soon as possible.

  • On all the tours I've been on, they bent over backwards to meet the dietary needs of the guests.

    I love all types of Asian foods but my wife is not as fond of most of it.

  • I did this tour in 2019 and the food was great throughout, I ate mostly vegetarian, you need to advise the TD about your food concerns, they will take care of you.

  • Generally, they tone down the spice for western customers. I did order lamb biriyani in Dehli and was warned that it would be spicy, since they marinated the meat with hot peppers. It was.

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