What Does an Ocean View Room at the Royal Hawaiian "Pink Palace" Really Look Like? A 3 minute Video

This is the 1st of 5 videos from my interesting January 2023 Hawaii Tour. The first Four of our four Destination Resort Hotels that the tour stayed at. The 5th video is of the Tour itself.
Here is the You Tube Link to the four+ minute video of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki in Honolulu, the 1st hotel of the tour.



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    Well you got your flag for this,
    A detailed video, but for me the room looked horrible , barely any room to get out of one of the sides of the bed, narrow bath and poor water pressure shower, all on an expensive Tauck Hawaii trip. Small pool and a sea that warns of jelly fish, very crowded beach, wow. The view from the room looked great though. Thank you

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    I was on this trip in April 2022. I, too, found the Royal Hawaiian to be substandard from a Tauck perspective. The rooms were very HOliday Inn-like. I was told we stayed there because of this hotel's historic significance.

    P.S. Ignore the flaggers. There are a handful of cowardly sociopaths on this forum who have an aversion to pictures and videos.

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    BKMD - You forgot knuckle heads and morons.

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    I had a completely different recent experience at the Royal Hawaiian. My Tower room was on the 10th floor, I'm guessing recently renovated...it was gorgeous. I don't do sun and sand, and welcomed the overcast days. Honolulu highlights for me were the Awakening exhibit at HoMA, Liliha Bakery (matcha cream puffs and taro donuts) and Mitsuwa Japanese foods. Here's a pic from my balcony

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    We are going next week as a family of six to the military hotel, the Hale Koa, which is right next to the Hilton Hawaiian Village. That’s the good news. The weather outlook is not grand. I would love to stay at the Royal Hawaiian just because of it’s history. I would expect the hotel to be ‘dated’ and the plumbing does not surprise me … it’s old. It was actually used as ‘officer’s quarters’ during WWII. Nice duty if you can get it after December 8th. In the past we would some times ‘drop in’ and use their pool. They probably watch it more closely now.

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    My tower room at the Royal Hawaiian was perfectly fine, with plenty of room. The view of the ocean was lovely, and we could walk right out onto the beach. And it is a historic property. It was a couple of blocks away from the public bus to Pearl Harbor and the Bishop Museum. (Sealord, my father lived in the BOQ on Ford Island during WWII -- not as ritzy as the Royal Hawaiian. I was happy to visit Ford Island on my own before the Best of Hawaii tour.)

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    You both had to have better rooms than we stayed in for a few days at the start of our first honeymoon. It was in a small cluster of about six small, single-story, 4-unit, WWII V/BOQ buildings (pre-Hale Koa) on Ft. DeRussy located on the Maluhia Rd. loop near a little Army chapel and about a block sw of Kalākaua Ave. The V/BOQ is gone but the chapel and loop are still there (you can see them on Google Maps). It was a short walk to Duke Kohanamoku's International Market Place. By the time we went back the following year, the original Hale Koa tower was finished.

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    edited February 2023

    When we took the Tauk Tour of Hawaii, we stayed at that hotel, also, in the high rise next to the old building. It was not a great hotel. It had been renovated in 2008 but the room was old and all they had was a tub shower. AS BKMD said, kind of like a Holiday Inn. It was the first hotel on the tour. If it had been at the end of the tour, it would have compared even worse. Most of the other hotels on the tour were very nice.

    However, on the plus side, the staff was excellent.

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    AlanS - I thought you were going to say you stayed in one of the pillboxes on the top of Diamondhead. :) .

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