Bank Holidays due to King Charles coronation

I will be in England on tour (not London) during Kind Charles coronation. There are bank holidays on May 6 and May 8 (as I understand it) and the tour will be in Stratford, Oxford, Bath and at Stonehenge those days. Does anyone know if those kinds of events/excursions would be affected by the bank holidays? Thanks for any input.


  • I would expect many closings, as the Coronation is a huge deal "over there." My tour to Cornwall, far from London, with a UK co. was postponed to June simply because the last day of the tour was May 6. i had carefully attached it to a Tauck tour, so unfortunately had to cancel and make some new post-Tauck plans.

  • I think you will have to check all the individual places that are indoors separately on their websites. I’m assuming Tauck take you to things like inside the Roman Baths in Bath. Any walking tours obviously won’t be affected.

  • Call the British Embassy. I have called the one in Manhattan in the past. Also, I highly recommend Sally Lunn in Bath. It’s a short walk from the Roman Baths and and they have great food.

  • I love Sally Lunn! Try the Welsh Rarebit. I've been twice (but only on day trips) and had that for lunch both times. I hope to do an overnighter in Bath sometime -- sooner rather than later.

  • MCD,

    After researching Sally Lunn's, I'm thinking about taking a day trip there. Have you, or anyone else, taken the train from London to Bath? We enjoy European train travel and don't mind spending half a day on board. Thanks for any information you can share. I've already researched the train schedules and it appears there are plenty of round trip offerings.

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    **kfnknfzk **- I have taken the train from London to Chippenham (one stop before Bath). I caught the train in Paddington Station in London. It was very easy and enjoyable. That said, my experience doing this is 15 years old.

  • I haven't taken the train from London to Bath. Both times, I did a coach tour that stopped at Salisbury and Stonehenge. However, if I were to do an overnight in Bath, I'd take the train.

  • Thank you, Smiling Sam and MCD, for your replies. I'm beginning to think I should have added more pre-tour days before my Seine adventure!

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    Sam: "I told you we should have sprung for first class tickets!":

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  • Sally Lunn’s are at least a Victorian favorite. Every time I hear Sally Lunn, I want to burst into song from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera song in The Sorceror…’The eggs and the ham and the strawberry jam, the rollicking bun and the gay Sally Lunn!’

  • To 1884 Revised Version
    Enter villagers and all the dramatis personæ, dancing joyously. Mrs Partlet and Mr. Wells then distribute tea-cups.

    Now to the banquet we press;
    Now for the eggs and the ham;
    Now for the mustard and cress,
    Now for the strawberry jam!
    Now for the tea of our host,
    Now for the rollicking bun,
    Now for the muffin and toast,
    And now for the gay Sally Lunn!
    Now for the muffin and toast,
    And now for the gay Sally Lunn!

    The eggs and the ham, and the strawberry jam!
    The rollicking bun, and the gay Sally Lunn!
    The eggs and the ham, and the strawberry jam!
    The rollicking bun, and the gay Sally Lunn!
    The eggs and the ham, and the strawberry jam!
    The rollicking bun,
    The rollicking bun, and the gay Sally Lunn!
    And the strawberry jam!
    Jam, — Bun,
    Jam, — Bun,
    Oh, the strawberry, strawberry jam,
    Bun ,— Jam,
    Bun ,— Jam,
    Oh, the rollicking, rollicking bun!

  • Thanks for the comments everyone. This will be a bucket list trip for me so I am already excited for it! I keep seeing crowds and closure in my mind due to the coronation, but maybe it will make the trip that much more memorable. We have a free afternoon in Bath so I might have to check out Sally Lunn's. "Sally Lunn bread" is a staple in Williamsburg, VA, that I have had many times. Based on the recommendations, I checked out some of the local sites on the bank holiday issue and it seems like they might not have updated their websites - most of them give general opening times and don't address the bank holiday specifically - I will check back and see if that changes. I am just going to have to be flexible and if things are closed it will give me more time to walk around and sightsee.

  • Several years ago my mother and I spent several days in London. It was our first mother and daughter trip. We had High Tea at the Savoy which was very good. Only a few tables were occupied by other guests. When I asked the waiter to take a picture, he replied with a firm no. Taking photos isn’t allowed as they cater to the celebrities who wish not to be interrupted for a photo. There wasn’t any there. The next day we went to Fortnum and Mason for High Tea. Best High tea experience in London. While you are enjoying tea, sandwiches and pastries, a musician plans wonderful music on a grand piano. There is so much to eat and the waitress will gladly put everything in a takeout box to enjoy later. You could email both places and inquire whether or not they
    will be open.
    Also, be careful with your money. We were on a bus and the bus driver announced that a pickpocket has entered the bus. Wearing a jacket, coat, or vest with an inside pocket is the best way to secure your money and credit cards. I hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

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